The Vintage Rocker style

Hey everyone so i was so bored yesterday in world i was messing around with my clothes….and mind you i have alot…anyway this is just kind of a random post but I want to start helping out those who are never quite sure how to style clothes to get a particular style. So  lets start explaining this style. So basically when i hear rocker i always go to the vintage stuff. So this will really be a vintage rocker style..but anyway i am wearing the basic outfit from apple may which is KayJ…it comes with its own high waisted belt but i wanted to add some pink ot the outfit for a more girly touch. So i found this one which is actually a freebie at one thing i always try to do is to not over accessorize. It is really easy to do. now if i had added a necklace to the outfit it would have felt overly intense. So what i did was add a full body tattoo from atomic its the stars addiction tattoo which has an amazing feature of having the option in how dark you want the tattoo atomic is also where the skin is from. The hair is from truth its called genie.and the shoes are stiletto Moody’s bitch booties. So when your walking around sl looking at some stores..try finding pieces you love if it comes with other stuff then great!…i very rarely leave my outfits i buy from stores in the same outfit around sl. I like to use pieces from different places. you never know how a basic outfit can transform into something really great. So just try it out.

About sookietriellis

I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

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