Project Themeory and Stumblebum Brigade!!

hey hey everyone! So the past several weekends for about the last couple months there have been sales called the themeory project and stumblebum brigade and I am completely hooked. For those of you who want to have something different than most of the people in sl these two will make it happen.

To explain where each item came from the only items that are shown in the picture that are part of either stumblebum or themeory are the actual clothes the first picture the dress is from tyranny and the socks are from atomic that was part of the themeory week from last week that happy harajuko.

The second picture is from atomic part of the 80’s themeory week…this is one of those items i have secretly been hoping to see so i jumped at the chance to get this one.

The last but by no means least the pink polka dot dress from acid and mala creations.  this dress is super cute and texturing is amazing i had to pull myself from this store otherwise it would have meant a broke sl experience for a while.

Now to explain how this works stumblebum is a week long adventure where a group of designers make exclusive items and set them out on saturday and then take them up on the friday after. Project Themeory is a weekend adventure where a group of designers place out items the go with a corresponding theme which has been anything from monster to the 80’s but this is an amazing way of getting great items that are unique to anything in sl currently :). Now to give some love to the creators of these genius projects be sure to check out there stores for more information on how to know what stores are participating 🙂 but with no further adieu let me introduce the minds behind the stumblebum brigade: Tyr Rozenblum (owner of tyranny designs), Apatia Hammerer & Ivy Graves (Owner of Atomic). Finally the creators of  the super fun Project themeory: Kyrsten Jigsaw (owner of rbcg). So I would like to thank these amazing people in creating an amzing sl experience and helping us with those urges to be unique!!!

About sookietriellis

I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

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