It’s A Hair Eat Hair World

Hair it can in my opinion make or break any outfit. It has been said that your hair is your crowning glory and obviously it has to be seeing as how there is a musical about it. Actually there are several musicals where hair is a big deal. That is beside the point. So hair in secondlife you have so many options between the style of hair and the textures of hair down to the colors and the if you want a variety colors. So to get down to business. Now I am covering several of the bigger hair stores in this blog and I think i am going to go sim hopping and look at some up and coming hair places but i havent decided on that one. Ok so to start off with I am going to talk about Truth.

Truth I do believe has been in sl for several years now and their sim is extremely laggy on my computer buutt the owner of truth has all the most recent demos and hairs on slx :D. SO the truth hairs in the picture is the largest picture on the top and the two toned blonde hair on the last row in the middle. Now truth has a wide range of hairs from casual to punky to spunky to retro to formal. They also have probably any hair color you could need or want. Here’s the link to Truth’s blog

So the Next hair place is Maitreya. They have also been around for a while in sl as well. Maitreya creates more than hair they have an amazing shoe line as well as some gorgeous clothes and poses. It really one stop shopping. The pictures for Maitreya it the top row the second picture from the left and then third row the first picture on the left. Now Maitreya has a more realistic stand point on hair there isn’t to much of the wacky crazy hairstyles or hair colors. So they are really good for some basic down to earth hair styles and colors.

The third hair store on our list is Magika! haha that was overly enthusiastic. Magika has pretty much everything a lot like Truth. the big difference here is truth uses mostly sculpties and they add in a few flexi prims to add movement. Magika uses as many flexi prims as is needed for the hairstyle and not as many sculpties. The other big difference here is the textures that they use to make it look like hair is different. The picture for Magika is the last picture from the left on the top row and the second picture from the left on the second row.

The fourth store is Shag. Now this store is one of the newer stores on this list and they definitely have a wide variety of hairs they are really cute and they have a different style texture wise. I haven’t figured it out yet it has almost a realistic vibe to but it feels a little cartoony is guess. I cant describe it but it definitely creates a different look from the other designers in sl. but they are definitely a store that i think will do really well in sl.

Now the last store here on this wonderful list I have put together here is they have awesome hair that is made out of entirely sculpties. It is gorgeous really great for photography and of course hanging out with the buds. They have mostly casual hairs but they have several hairs that translate well to formal as well. They have a really nice texture that looks great no matter the color or lighting. This store is just amazing. They sell clothes as well as hair and she also does accessories, poses, and some shoes. So be sure to check out this store I can guarantee it will be a frequent visit. The pictures for is the big picture on the bottom and the first picture from the left on the last row.

So hopefully I have helped you out in the never endng quest of really amazing hair. Now here the one thing all these places have in common the hair packs are all under 350L! Amazing hair at a really fair price. So if you have nay requests on stores you want me to look into hair wise just leave a comment or find me in world. If you have any store or genre of clothes you want me to feature again leave a comment or find me in world. Have a great day 😀

-Sookie Triellis

About sookietriellis

I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

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