Operation squeegee begins!!

It is officially the start of operation squeegee!….so i thought I would show you more stuff that is for sale starting today! So in the first picture on the top right hand corner the background is actually a skybox for sale from dollipops. The skybox is really cute its small but if your low on prims or just don’t need much space this is perfect it has a little porch that wont let you fall off the edge. and in the back corner has a little flower patch it is very cute and well worth the money you’d spend. The chaise in the background is from Noctis. The chairs details are very very good. It has a high quality texturs and animations. I figured i would help out the workers at the gulf and pull out my handy dandy yellow bucket from oOo studios. To help cleaning I decided to wear my jeans from ///NSFW///. I am wearing 5th and oxford’s sandpiper t-shirt. the necklace is *BOOM*’s pearls a la crude which have a fun ribbon detail on the back. and the Earrings and necklace can be found at *ticky tacky*.

In the second picture which is on the bottom right hand side nothing has really changed except for this wonderful bird bath made by Thistle.

Now in the final picture we have some really awesome stuff. The tank top I am wearing is from *MIAO*. Those adorable giraffes who are madly in love and my new best friends are *KK*. The paper Lanterns are by Weather! or not?

There are definitely some super cute stuff you shouldn’t miss out on you may regret it if you do 🙂

Operation Squeegee headquarters

About sookietriellis

I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

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