Model Fair 2010

Ever Wonder how you become a model in sl? Well this is the opportunity to meet with some of the best agencies and schools that secondlife has to offer. There are some guest speakers that you should not miss. Some of the most well known in the fashion industry including Kay Fairey, Frolic Mills, Anabella Ravinelli and many more. When does this fun begin you ask? It all starts August 25th at 4:30pm SLT.  The schedule is as follows but may change between here and the fair.

4:30 PM – Introduction for Model Fair 2010 given by BOSL Radio

4:45 PM – End of intro. / Temperance Kellman interview

5:00 pm – Frolic Mills Speaks

5:30 PM –  Fair Walk

5:45 PM – Kay Fairey Interview Live with BOSL Radio

6:00 PM – Monica Balut speaks.

6:30 PM – Fashion Show / Interview BlackBarbie Bravin

6:45 PM – Fashion Show / Interview Frolic Mills

7:00 PM – Fashion Show / Interview Nyu Nyu Kimono

7:15 PM –  End Fashion Show

7:30 PM – BOSL Radio Show Ends

8:00 PM – Kay Fairey Speaks

8:30 PM – Fair Walk

9:00 PM – Live Performer

9:30 PM – Fair Walk

10:00 PM – End Live Performer / Fashion Show

10:30 PM – Fashion Show

11:00 PM – Temperance Kellman Speaks

11:30 PM – Free Time.

12:00 PM – DJ Stream with BOSL ends.

12:30 PM – Fair Walk

1:00 AM – Nyu Nyu Kimono Speaks

1:30 AM –  Fashion Show

2:00 AM – Dailyn Holfe Speaks

2:30 AM – Fashion Show

3:00 AM – Anabella Ravinelli Speaks

3:30 AM – Fashion Show

4:00 AM – Fair Walk

4:30 AM –  Closing Ceremonies – Anabella Ravinelli / Fashion Show Ends

About sookietriellis

I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

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