Falling in love with MAGIKA all over again

We have all at some point or another have bought a magika hair or have worn one. Magika has changed alot from the first time i walked into Sabina’s store almost two years ago. I loved magika when i first walked in. I craved to own the whole store (it didnt take me long to do that though lol). Sometime over the last several months my enthusiasm for magika got lost. I didn’t feel the heart of the store. I stayed on the subscriber and prayed something would inspire me again.  Then my hope was renewed. I logged in today and got the most recent notecard of another change t0 magika. It piqued my interest so i read it. Sabina  announced that the textures where being changed again. Now a little back story here i wear blonde about 99.9% of the time in sl and I loved the original Magika texture. The texture was changed about 6 months or so ago and the blondes just looked odd to me so i was only buying the browns. Well i rarely wear brown so I was in the middle of a ilemma. So i slowly stopped buying from Magika. Well i have a feeling all that is changing. The textures on this change are truly amazing!!!! There is much more to the changes in magika than just the textures. They have added a hud for changing the color and adding a streaked option. the ability to turn off and on the the chewing on the hair option.  as well as controlling hat colors for the hairs with hats. Now this change is so drastic that it will not be rolled out to previous releases. I am sure she will do updated versions of old hair but they will not be the same as the previous releases.  I feel a change for the better with magika and I can’t wait for new releases.



Magika -Aina – blonde pack

Cody – Blonde pack

Delora – Blonde pack

Skin: Atomic – Daydreamer 1 – honey

Shirt: Atomic – Sheer Comfort – sky

Necklace: Laciecakes – Angel Wings personalized necklace

About sookietriellis

I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

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