Proposer Hunt 3

The proposer hunt starts in two days!! This is really exciting for those who enjoy taking pictures for no reason at all or for those who take their own pictures for contests. Their are 51 designers in this years hunt! Be sure to check out all the designers as they are all very happy to bring you their items from this hunt. The hunt will last from January 15th until February 15th. Sadly though you do have to join the proposers group in world to be able to receive the gifts but I promise this it is very much worth joining the group these poses are amazing!

Their are some truly amazing poses this year the first is from C O R P U S is called the spell this is a fun pose for those who enjoy creating a fun atmosphere for a pose.

The next is by bescene called let’s Boogie this pose reminds me of saturday night fever and is a really cool picture at any angle.

The last one has about 5 poses that goes along with the theme but 4 of them are single poses but it all uses the camera pose and all the fun way we try to take our own picture the pose set is called 1000 words and is from wet cat.

Along with the couples poses their are also a bunch of single poses as well. I apoligize to the boys ahead of time for me not showing any of those (sorry D:  ).

So the first two pictures with the green backgrounds are from Di’s Opera called the expose line. These are very Dramatic poses great to make your avatar look like a diva in the best sense.

The Third picture (blue background) is from hate me and eat me is called strike a pose these are great for modeling a clothes line not to much turning of the upper body and arms.

The last picture in this group is from HelaMiyo called Just Saying these are super cute poses that if you were to make into a group shot would look like a conversation with the exception of this one. I thought this was a fun pose makes me feel like saying thank you london! (thanks a bunch amanda bynes for making what a girl wants 😉 ). Anyway this is a great set of poses for the person who wants ot show their avatar as a normal person.


Hair: Truth – Mirage – Valerie

Skin: .Illusory – Paige – Warmth -Stained A3 (LB)

Clothes: Willow – OE Jumper Dress – Violet (from one eleven)

Necklace: Deco- Green Milk Glass Necklace (from one eleven)

Shoes: [elikatira] – Secret Boots – Black

About sookietriellis

I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

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