Euphoric Shopping Week

So first of all hi!!!!!…I have been sorely lacking in updating the blog im sorry i have been busy in rl buut im back! Ok and now to get into the goodies! So today I logged in and I got an update from Miamai saying there was an exclusive dress at Uphoria Fashion Week event. I saw the picture and I had ot have the dress! It is a super cute springy dress. I love that its two toned with two of my favorite colors purple and blue. It is jsut a classic dress that really brings out your shape and shows some skin without being overly sexualized. There are so many great designers at this fashion week. The necklace featured in the picture is from sigma and is also at Euphoria. The best part both of these items are 100L each!! so for 200L you get a high quality outfit!! This is very Exciting!

So I was jsut wandering around looking at these amazing deals I stumbled upon this dress from Fishy Strawberry. I think i quite literally sqeauled to be honest. Its super cute and can be worn anywhere and its be even cuter with a cardigan! But i just paired it with a pink ring that Morantique is selling there as well. Again both were only 100L!! There are so many other amazing designers there as well. like sYs, Toki Doki, Cheerno, Del May, Donna Flora, and so many others! Euphoria is only open till the 1st though. So you better hurry!


Picture 1:

Hair: Eliaktira – Later – blonde 4

Skin: Curio – Pout – Petal – Pure 1

Dress: Miamai – AneAne – Lavender

Jewlery: Sigma Jewels – Miranda Necklace

Pose: Del May – Hotness

Picture 2:

Hair: 69 – Olivia 3 – Platinum Blonde

Skin: Curio – Pout – Petal – The Blues 2

Dress: Fishy Strawberry – Denim Drass – Wash A


Necklace: Sigma Jewels – Miranda Necklace

Ring: Morantique – LUSH/Lux ring – pink

Pose: Body Talking – Sunset Boulevard 5v.1

About sookietriellis

I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

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