Hair Time!

So for anyone who doesn’t know me. I am a bit of a hair hoarder. So I figured I would share some of the new releases that have come out recently! The first two pictures are from Maitreya. Lara and Lara II. These two hairs are super cute I love the different bangs options. I also really like that Lara II has the headband it makes the hair its own. Which also adds a different feel from its sister hair. Also Maitreya recently added a couple new things to their textures! They added a new blonde line called peroxide blondes which is a lighter set from the light blondes. So its a good line for those who want super blonde but not white. Also Maitreya is getting in on this new trend in sl hair of putting the roots in the textures. I so love how maitreya did it though because it looks really natural. Unlike some of the others.

The third hair is by LetLuka. Its called Inverted mainly because well its an inverted bob. I really love this hair actually. Mainly because its like my rl haircut but its super cute. LetLuka is another company doing the roots in the textures and they do a really great job with it as well. Of course the roots are the most noticeable with blondes but it still looks really good with the other colors as well.

The last two hairs are by my favorite hair maker TRUTH!! You cant do a hair blog without truth right? but im so in love with these hairs they are super cute and super awesome for spring! I am really in love with curley to curleyish hairs recently. They seem to be taking over my hair inventory. The first one is Cassandra The super sexy shaggy bangs will really look great for those who want something sexy but wants something a little more rock n roll. The second one which has become the hair I am wearing pretty much everywhere right now but its called Clementine. This hair is really easy to wear with pretty much everything. I really love the detail of the braid in the hair. It just adds a youthful but not overly young look.



Maitreya – Lara – Swedish Blonde

Lara II – Natural Blonde

LeLutka – Inverted – Powder

Truth – Cassandra – Mirage

Clementine – Mirage

Skin: Curio – Pout – Spoiled Rotten 1

Shirt: League – Siara Blouse – Cream

Skirt: Maitreya – Bubble Skirt Dress – Black

Jewelry: League – Kandula Necklace -Silver

About sookietriellis

I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

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