Nothing better than lounging

So we all work our butts off and today when i logged into to work before i have to leave for work i decided to take the heels off and just get comfy. Sometimes I just enjoy lounging in sl with just my comfy clothes. Today i decided to give everyone a peek inside my sl when im not modeling or dressing up to go out. So i am wearing something from all my favorite designers. These are all fairly established items that i just sorta put together. The shorts are from they were for a 50l Friday’s sale so you may or may not be able to purchase these still. The hair is from Elikatira and i love this hair it looks like i just woke up and it was all messed up. The top is from league which comes with several different options of the sequins this is a fun top to wear around sl in general though. My socks are from Maitreya now Maitreya has released some bare feet which i debated about using instead but alas my feet were cold. Of course the skin is glam affair its that Layla skin and i am wearing the clean version of the skin which has practically no makeup on it. The pose box i am on is from olive juice which has some cute poses for adorable pictures.So this is me just normal everyday me. Hope you all have a great day 😀

About sookietriellis

I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

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