We are just Meshing around

   You may have heard but secondlife has released mesh out to the grid. Now just a disclaimer you can only access mesh on mesh viewers as of right now I only know of viewer 3 and I believe Kirstens viewer is mesh as well. Now for those of you who have been hiding somewhere in world. Mesh basically is a new way of building objects from clothing to furniture to use more details with less prim. So its like a sculptie but the amazing thing with mesh is that it will move with your avatar skeleton. So no more will you sit and have the flexi prim coming out of your butt! Of course there are only a few places doing mesh as of right now but the ones who are i seriously suggest to go pick up the items because they are just awesome! The dress in the featured pictured is from JANE and the picture on the left side of this post is from Rebel Hope Design. So mesh is awesome for the sheer fact it cuts down on the number of prims you will be wearing and that your clothes will move with your avatar. There is a serious drawback to mesh though. With clothing there is no way, that I know of, to edit the clothing. You have to edit your shape to fit the clothes. Its kind of a petty drawback cause in some ways its alot easier to just adjust your shape to fit clothing anyway, but I do worry that everyone will start looking the same at least when it comes to body shapes. Now JANE and Rebel Hope Design do offer bustier/curvier shapes and then a less curvy verison so that is nice. Overall I love mesh so far My viewer doesn’t lag nearly as bad as i thought it would.

Small List of Stores offering Mesh Items:

JANE, Rebel Hope Desgin, Raspberry Aristocrat (inside JANE store), [LeLutka] (Ren Shoes), haut.monde, Hucci, Wicked Closet, Zoobong, Miamai, Dirty Lynx, TenFifteen, Curious Kitties, BareRose, Peqe, BRB

I am sure there are many more I am not aware of but those are a few that I  got from a plurk post on Strawberry Singh’s plurk.


(Featured pic)

Skin: Curio – Petal (light) – Whine 2

Hair: Truth – Tasmine – Mirage

Glasses: Fishy Strawberry – College Glasses

Necklace: Earthstones – Beaded Touch- Chrysopase

Dress: JANE – Chevron Dress – Eggplant

Bracelet: Apple May – Vintage Bracelet (group gift)

Shoes: LeLutka – Saffron Naturals – Sand

Pose: Glitterati – Model Pack 4 – 39

(Post Picture)

Skin: [ROCKBERRY] – Apple  G – Light – Brown eyebrows

Hair: elikatira – Leah – blonde 4

Earrings: Earthstones – Marquessa – Champagne

Necklace: Earthstones – Marquessa – Pink Tourmaline

Dress: Rebel Hope Design – Fabria Mesh Gown – Aqua

Pose: Glitterati – Model Pack 6 – 58


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I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

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