From Dusk ‘Til Dawn

So we all have those moments in sl when you just want to let your hair down and do something you either a haven’t done in a while or b something sorta out of the norm. Well when I saw the peepshow skybox at Cinema I knew I just knew I had to do ap ost! Then I saw Cracked Mirror had some gorgeous corsets and underwear on sale I knew it was gonna be part of this post. The hard part was enlisting the help of some unsuspecting friend to stand in as the audience cause lets face it a peepshow can’t happen with just one person! So I imed the blogger support group and Katy the wonderful person she is jumped on the chance for me to use her for the post. So thank you Katy! Everything but the hair and the tattoo are from Cinema. The tattoos are from Vestigium which if you haven’t been shopping there you should totally go! They are the same wonderful store who I am wearing on my new facebook page banner. I love there tattoo’s they are always so awesome!

For the Cinema items! The skybox as mentioned above is from trompe loiel and its has some really awesome poses built in. I am however not using any of the poses from the skybox because they didn’t fit in with the idea of the picture I had in my head. The poses in the skybox are really nice I promise. I love corsets in sl cause it is one of those items I will never wear in rl. I have worn a corset before like a real corset they used to use during the turn of the century and it was torture i tell you! So it’s an sl only item of clothing. I love love love these corset and underwear set that cracked mirror is offering up for Cinema! They are so adorable! I am showing the back because well everyone has blogged these and I wanted to show you my butt! I am only half kidding by the way. I love that the underwear has some ruffling on the butt it sort of feels like a cross of something old and something new and it is pretty spectacular! Ok now the infamous penis pumps! HANDverk I think is becoming well known for their a little of kilter shoes but these shoes are awesome. If you zoom in on them they are super detailed. They are pretty cool in my book. Ok so basically go to Cinema cause otherwise you are jsut missing out on the awesomeness!


Hair: Truth – Havan – Mirage w/roots

Skin: Glam Affair – Lillith – America

Tattoo: Vestigium – Foo Dog Color – 2

Corset: Cracked Mirror – Starlet Corset – dual tone pink(Cinema)

Underwear: Cracked Mirror – Ruffle Knickers – Dual tone pink (cinema)

Shoes: HANDverk – penis pump – nude/white (Cinema)

Pose: !bang – 308

Skybox: Trompe Loeil – Peep Show Skybox (Cinema)

About sookietriellis

I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

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