Twisted Color Challenge: Week 3: Artsy Fields

So I hope by this point in our adventure you guys aren’t haitng on me! I can hear it now people going that sookie is freaking crazy with the two colors! Well maybe but it’s been a ton of fun! I am finding things I had forgotten all about up until now!

Week Three: Artsy Fields



Week Four: Payne’s Star


    So this color combo I know really technically doesn’t go together but I wanted ot have a couple pairs that you had sit and figure out the best path! I actually love this look. It came otgether by accident really! I found these pants when I was looking for something and was hit with a wave of inspiration! I am really proud of myself that I got this post done early! I am writing this on tuesday!!! woohoo! I love when I don’t procrastinate os things work out! I am gonna apologize I haven’t found shoes that I like more than these! So that’s why I keep wearing the same shoes in different colors! They are just so perfect! Gotta love those basic staples! I did decide to use some older items. I have two items that I am not 10% sure if they are still available in world or not but I did mark them below in the credits so you knew ahead of time! I hope you guys have a stellar week! I am really enjoying seeing all these wonderful posts!!


Hair: Truth – Zuzka – Fades – Seasand w/roots

Skin: Glam Affair – Amberly – America – Clean D

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – City Lights – Grey

Eyelashes: Beetlebones – Dainty – Black

Eyeshadow: cheLLe – Bohemian – Under eyeshadow – Blue

Ring: KOSH – Noda Ring (part of sway together not sure if available in store)

Necklace: Lagyo – Bird of Prey – Long necklace

Sweater: Geometry – Cozy – Crimson

Purse: Hawthorne – Aviator Purse – Coco (not sure but I think this store is closed?)

Pants: Toki Doki – Reve Trousers – Painted Cream

Shoes: Maitreya – Liasions – Cacao

Pose: Adorakable – Bag Lady II – Pose 7m

About sookietriellis

I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

18 Responses to “Twisted Color Challenge: Week 3: Artsy Fields”

  1. OH pretty… and a 2nd post for me i hope i can keep it up 😀 btw do you have a in world group? any way here is me

    • I don’t have an inworld group just yet!…I wasn’t sure if anyone wanted one. I can definitely open one up!

  2. this is HARD! its really forcing me to realize how little colour i have in my inventory LOL

  3. Just got in in the nick of time. This one was hard for me as although the red was easy, the second colour was a bit of a pain.

    Twisted colour challenge week3_002

    and a close-up shot showing how cute the unicorn is.

    Twisted colour challenge week3_003

  4. Woooo! This one was a challenge, but I ended up really liking the combo! And I’m slowly catching up!

  5. Hi there! forgot to paste the link before.. wee on to the next. this combo color was one of my favorites :)))


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