Happy 3rd Anniversary!

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This post is just a look back into the past for a bit! Why you ask? Well this blog was started on March 3, 2010! So I am a tiny bit late on this but my blog is three years old. Where has the time gone? The funny thing is that I remember doing all of these blogs. The last picture isn’t a blog picture but I didn’t want to put the most recent blog picture on here cause well its was the most recent blog. So I picked a picture I have taken recently for the Glam Affair contest. I put my new profile picture as the featured picture on here. So the Wonderful Strawberry Singh who is a blogger as well, go check out her blog later, posted a meme where you tell everyone 7 interesting facts about your sl. Well I probably talk a lot about myself already I figured it would be a fun thing to do for the anniversary post! So here we go!

1. I used to be an exotic dancer. I know I know everybody and thier mother in sl has been a stripper at one time or another. I also owned a couple clubs with my rl bestie, who is no longer in sl. Dancing in sl is how I met a really good friend of mine who showed me a little bit of the fashion world in sl. Which in turn led me to start blogging! The circle of slife!

2. I rp in the family community. I have a wonderful little girl and a great mother. I know a lot of people don’t understand the family community and to be honest I didn’t either for a while. I met a lot of really awesome people, who are in the family community, on plurk. They were really awesome people. So the idea sorta grew on me. I really enjoy having people who are in my corner and I am in there’s. It’s ok if you don’t understand it it’s sl and sl is supposed to be fun. So just know that I feel it’s a fun way to pass my time.

3. I am the CSR for Alice Project. A lot of you probably know this and some of you probably don’t. I became Alice’s CSR in November/early December and I must say it’s be fun so far! All of you Alice Project shoppers are usually pretty cool! The funny thing is I am a CSR in rl and I much prefer my sl CSR job over my rl one.

4. I am a student in rl. So not only do I work in rl I go to school in rl as well. So if you ever wonder why I only do a few posts a week that is why! I am a busy busy girl!

5. I have taught myself everything I know about photoshop. I am by far no Strawberry, Harlow or Luna on the photoshop front. I have learned through trail and error the way around photoshop. I have yet to watch tutorials or take any formal classes. I have also never taken a photography class either. So when I came into sl and found out about picture taking. I sort of became obsessed.

6. My rl bestie brought me into SL. So one November day in ’08 my rl bestie came to me and told me abotu this game that I just had to download. I at first thought she was crazy. She came over ot my house and turned on my computer and signed me up. She showed me around and unnoobed me. From there the rest is history.

7. I have had a SL wedding before. I will probably never do this again but it was an interesting experience.

About sookietriellis

I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

4 Responses to “Happy 3rd Anniversary!”

  1. Pretty sure you’re right and we’ve all been some sort of dancer in our newb days! LOL Happy 3rd anniversary and thanks for participating! ❤

  2. Oddly enough I was never a dancer! I can’t take it seriously enough. I did once go to a boyluv club to support a friend who began to be a stripper, though, and I was briefly a host at a gay strip club (men) run by a friend of mine.

    • Oh I was laughing the whole time. It was a lot of fun and its definitely not something I’d do outside of sl.

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