Beautiful Day


I am so very proud of this post you see in front of you! Why you ask? Well thisi s the first post in a really really long time that I have done more than 2 pictures for! So buckle up this is going to be a long post! As always the credits are at the bottom! So the first thing I am going to talk about is the clothes cause well it is a fashion blog and I am in fact wearing clothes. As you are well aware of by now that Collabor88 is now open! Well this whole outfit with the exception of the skin and bangle is all from collab! If you love the pastels this is the round for you! I am seriously in love with this whole outfit! It’s casual yeat dressy. I could even say it’s casual with a tiny tiny bit of sensuality to it. I am in love with these jeans! They are amazing! The designer for elate did a wonderful job on these! They not only give you a great bum but they are jeans on a trouser form! It’s just like my rl at the moment! Trouser jeans are sort of a staple cause I am not a big fan of actual trousers. I can’t get enough of this top either. It looks like it could have been a little bit longer to be a true tunic but I am really glad she didn’t do that. This is the perfect length especially with mesh. It makes it a lot easier to find pants to go under the top! I scooped up the bracelet at fifty linden friday last week however I am sure you can find these at the ISON store. ISON is pretty good about putting out event items. Of course no outfit of mine would be complete without something from Maxi Gossamer! This peacock necklace is perfection. It comes with earrings that match as well! I decided to pair the necklace with another necklace that is just shorter. This necklace from yummy is jsut that, yummy. It reminds me a little bit of minnie mouse’s bow on the top of her head but this one has rhinestones and is made out of metal. Not only that but it’s small, of course. It gives that little something extra to an already amazing outfit.  It’s topped with this beautiful hair from Laville. This hair is really realistic. Have you ever had short hair and parts of your hair were straight and other parts are wavy? Well this hair gives you that natural look.

springfling collage1

I put together this beautiful environment with some help from the lovely creators of the floorplan, Scarlet apple, and tee*fy. Lets jsut talk about the this gazebo first. This gazebo is awesome. I have no other words to describe it. It has these cute little tea lights that you can change colors of to match what you want. You also have the option of having the pennants on the top or not. the pennants come separately so you can put them how you want or you can just either not buy them or put them up somewhere else. I decided to surround the gazebo with these really beautiful hedges from scarlet apple. I didn’t get a picture of the hedge itself but I did tak a closeup of the hedge so you can see this detail on this hedge. This is the flowering version there is just a plain hedge with no flowers available as well.  Once I have the hedges out I though it needed something else. Well scarlet apple released these beautifully sculpted lamps that I believe are meant for inside but I thought they look like the old fashioned street lamps you find her in the south in the older parts of town. So I figured I would put them on the corners of the gazebo.

springfling collage2

Then I had to put something in the gazebo. Well luckily the gazebo is meant to have this picnic bench with it so i put that out in the middle. It looked pretty bare and uninviting. So I decided I would show you guys the complete set of the tee*fy items at the arcade. The arcade is going on till the 31st of this month so you have plenty of time to go pick up all of those rares you have your eye on.  This set is really beautiful! For those of you who rp in the family community these are awesome items to have to use for rp with the kiddos. just think of the ice cream parties you can have this summer! The best part about the picnic table is that the runner that goes down the middle of the table changes colors! You can have a chevron, sripes or the star (pictured). So be sure to check out the arcade and Collabor88 before these items are gone!


The Clothes:

Hair: Laville –

Skin: Glam Affair – Amberly – America

Eyes: The skinnery – lovers Eyes – storm

Eyelashes: Beetlebones – Dainty – Black

Short Necklace: Yummy – vintage bow charm (this month’s collabor88)

Long Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Jewelled Peacock (this month’s collabor88)

Shirt: Decoy – Olivia Blouse – lavender (this month’s collabor88)

Bracelet: ISON – vine cuff – antique silver

Pants: Elate – Elle Jeans – light grey (this month’s collabor88)

Shoes: Gos Boutique – Mae Platform

Pose: !bang – 314

The Furniture:

Gazebo: Floorplan – pergola – birch

Pennants: Floorplan – Bunting (this month’s collabor88)

Hedges: Scarlet Apple – Box Headge – Flowering (this month’s collabor88)

Street Lamps: Scarlet Apple -Praire Lamp – Cream (this month’s collabor88)

Picnic Table: Floorplan – picnic table – oak (this month’s collabor88)

Sweet Treats: Tee*fy – the whole set from arcade except for the cake pop bouqet (available until march 31st)

About sookietriellis

I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

2 Responses to “Beautiful Day”

  1. Beautiful sim, beautiful decor, beautiful outfit! Thank you for the wonderful compliments on the jeans!

    • Thank you so much for the compliments!! I looooove these jeans I think I have only taken them off once since I bought them!

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