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So tonight the dreams of all the ladies of sl has finally had there prayers answered! SLink has officially made our lives easier on the skin tinting BUT (and lets face there is always a but right?) The feet and skin work like the lolas/tangos where they will require a skin designer to make an applicator for the hands and feet. As you can see though Siddean in her genuineness updated the feet shape and the hands shape. All you have to do is go to the redelivery terminal if you have already purchased the hands and feet in the past and you will get the new version! I went ahead and purchased the medium feet cause I have been meaning to buy them for a while since the redlivery terminal is being a but to me on my flat feet. Anyway I am wearing a Tuli skin. The owner of Tuli has released some skin appliers already for the SLink hands and feet. Also if you are a group member you have the group gifts out that are henna tattooed hands and feet! I am just showing you guys one of the hands textures! Also faMESHed started the other day! Pink Outiftters has some more amazing clothing available! I am in love with thistop! It’s insanely cute/hot! It’s equal parts sexy and cute! Also these lether pants make me feel a little rock ‘n roll! Now I am gonna do Berry’s Meme below!petpeeves_005

My 5 SL Pet Peeves

  1. The very first one is face lights! I mean ok I get it when you are new to sl and all that and you don’t know how to manipulate wind lights that’s cool. When I see people who have been in sl longer than me still using face lights it makes me stabby. I can’t see anything typically when someone walks into a store with a face light. I derender it pretty fast but its just particularly annoying in my personal opinion.
  2. Passing judgement on people’s rp. I understand this is hard to do if you don’t understand the rp that is in fact going on. I myself used to pass judgement on a couple rp communities until I met people in those communities and became involved in them. Basically my point is that it’s everyones choice to spend their time in SL how they want to. It’s supposed to be fun!
  3. Not reading profiles! This is a biggie for me mainly because well I CSR and I promise I have an FAQ on my profile and I think one person has read it since it has existed. It is really irritating because 99% of the IM’s I get of problems can be solved if the customer read my profile.
  4. Hi….That’s annoying isn’t it. please for the love of god if you aren’t on someones friends list just say what you want to say in one IM not 5 especially if you aren’t sure if they are online or not.
  5. Beggars. These will never go away in sl I am aware of that but it’s still irritating for someone to IM you asking for L.

So those are my pet peeves in SL. maybe one day those pet peeves wont be pet peeves anymore cause no one will do them anymore! Hey wishful thinking right?


Hair: Truth – Elisha – Seasand w/roots

Skin: Tuli – Helena – Powder – 6

Eyes: IKON – Ardent – skyfall

Eyelashes: Beetlebones – Dainty Black

Shirt: Pink Outfitters – Kristen Blouse – Pink (faMESHed)

Pants: Pink Outfitters – Parisian Leggings – Steel (faMESHed)

Hands: SLink – Mesh Hands – Casual

Feet: SLink – Medium mesh feet

Pose Marukin -Bloom – Glinting Heart (Pose Fair)


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I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

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