Sing Me a Song


  Collabor88 Opened today and a new month means new pretties! I made sure not to use colors that I will be doing on sunday! I learned from last week! So anyone who is doing my challenge be sure to check out collabor88 for items that go with this weeks colors there are a few….at least in the yellow front. Anyway This is of course my weekly berry meme! I will be doing another meme post tomorrow cause well the ever fabulous skittles has one posted on her blog as well! It gives me some inspiration to od a post that isn’t a challenge post. I loved love this dress from tres blah that’s at collabor88 it’s so girly! The name for this texture made me giggle cause well lets face it I am a bit ditzy at times! I haven’t bought a clawtooth hair in a while cause I never seem to find a hair color I like but I think I figured out that wheat is a good color for me with clawtooth so you may start seeing more clawtooth hairs from me again!

So this weeks meme berry wanted us to do a haiku. I cheated nad used the haiku maker thinger but seriously me and poetry don’t mix well so no making fun of me!!

I find I like to

shop so I chose to share one

day now I can’t stop

I had asked my wonderful plurk friends for words  that reminded them of me cause I was looking for some inspiration and it seems I remind everyone of vampires and true blood….WHY U GUYS NOT LOVE ME? lol it’s ok I see how it is lol but here is another haiku based off of that i guess

my name is Sookie

I am not that Sookie so

please love me for me

So I have come to the ocnclusion I will never be a poet. I am done torturing you guys wiht my non-deep poetry lol. Y’all have a great day keep being awesome!


Hair: Clawtooth – Sugar Kisses – Wheat/sunshiney (may collabor88)

Skin: Glam Affair – Margot – America – 02 – Light Brown

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Soulful v2 – Beachy (April gift)

Eyelashes: Beetlebones – Dainty – Black

Dress: Tres Blah – Heirloom Dress – Ditzy

Pose: Marukin – Sol – Mauve (may collabor88)

About sookietriellis

I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

2 Responses to “Sing Me a Song”

  1. hahaha love the second one especially. I love you for you. <333

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