Twisted Color Challenge: Week 31: Velvet Jazz

This Week’s Color:31-velvetyblush-jazzyblue

Velvet Jazz


Next Week’s Color:


Evening Preserves

   So this Weeks Colors were pretty easy if you go down to the love Donna Flora event! there are lots of blues and pinks! I decided to go with a really simple outfit this week. I didn’t want to do any jewelry because I didn’t want to take away from the simpleness of the dress and the hair. I really love the classy and old hollywood feel of this outfit. If your wondering where you too can get this wonderful ensemble well I put all the landmarks for the event underneath the credits! super easy! I hope you all had a fabulous week! Thank you all so much for all the birthday wishes yesterday it really meant a lot!


Hair: Tableau Vivant – Larnia – Summer w/pink hair accessory (Love Donna Flora)

Skin: Glam Affair – Katya – America – 01 B (The Boutique)

Eyes: IKON – Ascension – Blue

Eyelashes: Beetlebones – Lush – Black

Eyeliner: Belleza – Eyeliner -4

Dress: Baiastice – Giulia – Blue (Love Donna Flora)

Pose: Elephante Poses – I need your love – 6 (Love Donna Flora)

Love Donna Flora Landmarks:

<a title=”A:S:S Store” href=”; target=”_blank”>A:S:S</a>
<a title=”Adore&amp;Abhor Store” href=”; target=”_blank”>Adore&amp;Abhor</a>
<a title=”Aeva // Heartsick” href=”; target=”_blank”>Aeva // Heartsick</a>
<a title=”Alta Mura Store” href=”; target=”_blank”>Alta Mura</a>
<a title=”Amacci Store” href=”; target=”_blank”>Amacci</a>
<a title=”Anymore Store” href=”; target=”_blank”>Anymore</a>
<a title=”Ars Navalis Store” href=”; target=”_blank”>Ars Navalis</a>

<a title=”bacidalucia village” href=”; target=”_blank”>bacidalucia village</a>
<a title=”Baiastice” href=”; target=”_blank”>BAIASTICE </a>
<a title=”BehaviorBody Store” href=”; target=”_blank”>BehaviorBody Animations &amp; Model Poses</a>
<a title=”Bellydance Goddnes” href=”; target=”_blank”>Bellydance Goddess</a>
<a title=”BlackHole” href=”; target=”_blank”>BlackHole</a>
<a title=”blackliquid Store” href=”; target=”_blank”>blackLiquid</a>
<a title=”Bliss Couture” href=”; target=”_blank”>Bliss Couture</a>
<a title=”BOOM” href=”; target=”_blank”>BOOM</a>
<a title=”Buildy Bits” href=”; target=”_blank”>Buildy Bits</a>

<a title=”Cae” href=”; target=”_blank”>Cae</a>
<a title=”Caroline’s” href=”; target=”_blank”>Caroline’s</a>
<a title=”Champagne! Sparkling Couture” href=”; target=”_blank”>Champagne! Sparkling Couture</a>
<a title=”Charltina’s” href=”; target=”_blank”>Charltina’s</a>
<a title=”cheLLe” href=”; target=”_blank”>cheLLe</a>
<a title=”Chrysalis” href=”; target=”_blank”>Chrysalis</a>
<a title=”CIA Designs” href=”; target=”_blank”>CIA Designs</a>
<a title=”click. poses&amp;props” href=”; target=”_blank”>click. poses &amp; props</a>
<a title=”Clutter for Builders” href=”; target=”_blank”>Clutter for Builders</a>
<a title=”Cobblestone Home &amp; garden” href=”; target=”_blank”>Cobblestone Home &amp; Garden</a>
<a title=”Culprit” href=”; target=”_blank”>Culprit</a>

<a title=”DaD Design” href=”; target=”_blank”>DaD Design</a>
<a title=”DCNY” href=”; target=”_blank”>DCNY</a>
<a title=”Dead Dollz” href=”; target=”_blank”>Dead Dollz</a>
<a title=”Demise Of Flight” href=”; target=”_blank”>Demise of Flight</a>
<a title=”Dysfunctional Designs” href=”; target=”_blank”>Dysfunctional Designs</a>

<a title=”EccentriciXi” href=”; target=”_blank”>EccentriciXi</a>
<a title=”Eclectica” href=”; target=”_blank”>Eclectica</a>
<a title=”elephante poses” href=”; target=”_blank”>elephante poses</a>
<a title=”even.flow” href=”; target=”_blank”>even.flow</a>
<a title=”Even Tide” href=”; target=”_blank”>Even~Tide</a>

<a title=”Faerycat Designs” href=”; target=”_blank”>Faerycat Designs</a>
<a title=”Flash Friendly Poses” href=”; target=”_blank”>Flash Friendly Poses</a>
<a title=”Fork in the Road” href=”; target=”_blank”>Fork in the Road</a>
<a title=”Fraidy Cat Designs” href=”; target=”_blank”>Fraidy Cat Designs</a>
<a title=”” href=”; target=”_blank”></a>

<a title=”Gallery Barzane” href=”; target=”_blank”>Gallery Barzane</a>
<a title=”ghee” href=”; target=”_blank”>ghee </a>
<a title=”Gizza” href=”; target=”_blank”>Gizza</a>
<a title=”Glam Affair” href=”; target=”_blank”>Glam Affair</a>
<a title=”glow Studio” href=”; target=”_blank”>glow Studio</a>
<a title=”Gos Boutique” href=”; target=”_blank”>Gos Boutique</a>

H &amp; I
<a title=”House of Fox” href=”; target=”_blank”>House of Fox</a>
<a title=”HTxDZ” href=”; target=”_blank”>HTxDZ </a>
<a title=”Indyra Originals” href=”; target=”_blank”>Indyra Originals </a>
<a title=”Insufferable Dastard.” href=”; target=”_blank”>Insufferable Dastard.</a>
<a title=”Intrigue Co.” href=”; target=”_blank”>Intrigue Co.</a>
<a title=”Iron Tiger Jewelry” href=”; target=”_blank”>Iron Tiger Jewelry </a>

<a title=”K-Ks Designs” href=”; target=”_blank”>K-Ks Designs</a>
<a title=”Kaerri” href=”; target=”_blank”>Kaerri</a>
<a title=”Kawaii Sugar” href=”; target=”_blank”>Kawaii Sugar</a>
<a title=”KCollection” href=”; target=”_blank”>KCollection</a>
<a title=”Klepsydra” href=”; target=”_blank”>Klepsydra</a>
<a title=”Kuro” href=”; target=”_blank”>Kuro</a>

<a title=”La Petite Morte” href=”; target=”_blank”>La Petite Morte</a>
<a title=”Lacuna Clothing” href=”; target=”_blank”>Lacuna Clothing</a>
<a title=”Lark” href=”; target=”_blank”>Lark </a>
<a title=”LaViere &amp; Tee*fy” href=”; target=”_blank”>LaViere &amp; Tee*fy</a>
<a title=”Lazuri” href=”; target=”_blank”>Lazuri</a>
<a title=”Les Petits Details” href=”; target=”_blank”>Les Petits Details </a>
<a title=”Little Closet” href=”; target=”_blank”>Little Closet</a>
<a title=”LivGlam” href=”; target=”_blank”>LivGlam </a>
<a title=”Living Imagination” href=”; target=”_blank”>Living Imagination</a>
<a title=”Loordes of London” href=”; target=”_blank”>Loordes of London</a>
<a title=”LuVs” href=”; target=”_blank”>LuVs</a>
<a title=”Luxuria” href=”; target=”_blank”>Luxuria</a>
<a title=”Luziefee Design” href=”; target=”_blank”>Luziefee Design</a>
<a title=”Lybra” href=”; target=”_blank”>Lybra</a>

<a title=”Ma Vie.” href=”; target=”_blank”>Ma Vie.</a>
<a title=”Masoom” href=”; target=”_blank”>Masoom</a>
<a title=”MEB Fashion” href=”; target=”_blank”>MEB Fashion</a>
<a title=”Melu Deco” href=”; target=”_blank”>Melu Deco</a>
<a title=”Miamai” href=”; target=”_blank”>Miamai</a>
<a title=”Mien Poses” href=”; target=”_blank”>Mien Poses </a>
<a title=”MishMish” href=”; target=”_blank”>MishMish</a>
<a title=”Molichino” href=”; target=”_blank”>MOLiCHiNO</a>
<a title=”Morning Glory” href=”; target=”_blank”>Morning Glory</a>
<a title=”Multifacetsflux Functional Art & Design” href=”; target=”_blank”>Multifacetsflux Functional Art & Design</a>
<a title=”Musa” href=”; target=”_blank”>Musa</a>

<a title=”Nailed It” href=”; target=”_blank”>Nailed It</a>
<a title=”Nani” href=”; target=”_blank”>Nani</a>
<a title=”Noble Distinguished Furnishings” href=”; target=”_blank”>Noble Distinguished Furnishings</a>
<a title=”Nya’s Shop” href=”; target=”_blank”>Nya’s Shop</a>
<a title=”NYU” href=”; target=”_blank”>NYU</a>

<a title=”Ohmai” href=”; target=”_blank”>Ohmai</a>
<a title=”Olive” href=”; target=”_blank”>Olive</a>
<a title=”oOo Studio” href=”; target=”_blank”>oOo Studio </a>
<a title=”Orc Inc.” href=”; target=”_blank”>Orc Inc </a>

<a title=”Park Place Home Decor” href=”; target=”_blank”>Park Place Home Decor </a>
<a title=”Perception” href=”; target=”_blank”>Perception</a>
<a title=”Petite Bowtique” href=”; target=”_blank”>Petite Bowtique</a>
<a title=”Picture This! Poses” href=”; target=”_blank”>Picture This! Poses</a>
<a title=”Pink Fuel” href=”; target=”_blank”>Pink Fuel</a>
<a title=”Pixel Mode” href=”; target=”_blank”>Pixel Mode</a>
<a title=”PixelDolliez” href=”; target=”_blank”>PixelDolliez</a>
<a title=”Poet’s Heart” href=”; target=”_blank”>Poet’s Heart</a>
<a title=”Pretense” href=”; target=”_blank”>Pretense</a>
<a title=”Purple Poses” href=”; target=”_blank”>Purple Poses</a>
<a title=”PXL” href=”; target=”_blank”>PXL</a>

<a title=”Remarkable Oblivion” href=”; target=”_blank”>Remarkable Oblivion</a>
<a title=”Romance Couture” href=”; target=”_blank”>Romance Couture</a>

<a title=”SAKIDE” href=”; target=”_blank”>SAKIDE</a>
<a title=”Savoir Faire Shapes &amp; Poses” href=”; target=”_blank”>Savoir Faire Shapes &amp; Poses</a>
<a title=”Shey” href=”; target=”_blank”>Shey</a>
<a title=”Shi.” href=”; target=”_blank”>Shi</a>
<a title=”Show me on the Doll” href=”; target=”_blank”>Show me on the Doll</a>
<a title=”Slink” href=”; target=”_blank”>Slink</a>
<a title=”Snowpaws” href=”; target=”_blank”>Snowpaws</a>
<a title=”SoliDea FoliEs” href=”; target=”_blank”>SoliDea FoliEs</a>
<a title=”Sommia” href=”; target=”_blank”>Somnia</a>
<a title=”Sonatta Morales” href=”; target=”_blank”>Sonatta Morales</a>
<a title=”Southern Creations” href=”; target=”_blank”>Southern Creations</a>
<a title=”Spyralle” href=”; target=”_blank”>Spyralle</a>
<a title=”Steffen Garcia” href=”; target=”_blank”>Steffen Garcia</a>
<a title=”Style by Kira” href=”; target=”_blank”>Style by Kira</a>
<a title=”Sway’s” href=”; target=”_blank”>Sway’s</a>

<a title=”Tableau Vivant” href=”; target=”_blank”>Tableau Vivant</a>
<a title=”Tabloid” href=”; target=”_blank”>Tabloid</a>
<a title=”Terra d’ombrA” href=”; target=”_blank”>Terra d’ombrA</a>
<a title=”The Muse Poses” href=”; target=”_blank”>The Muse Poses</a>
<a title=”The Secret Store” href=”; target=”_blank”>The Secret Store</a>
<a title=”Tori-Tastic” href=”; target=”_blank”>Tori-Tastic</a>
<a title=”TuttiFrutti” href=”; target=”_blank”>TuttiFrutti</a>

U – Z
<a title=”Uncertain Smile” href=”; target=”_blank”>Uncertain Smile</a>
<a title=”Vanity House Of Designs” href=”; target=”_blank”>Vanity House Of Designs</a>
<a title=”Vero Modero” href=”; target=”_blank”>Vero Modero</a>
<a title=”VHD by VictoriaJuliette” href=”; target=”_blank”>VHD by VictoriaJuliette</a>
<a title=”W.Winx &amp; Flair” href=”; target=”_blank”>W.Winx &amp; Flair</a>
<a title=”White Widow” href=”; target=”_blank”>White Widow</a>
<a title=”Ydea Style” href=”; target=”_blank”>Ydea Style</a>
<a title=”zanze” href=”; target=”_blank”>zanze</a>

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I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

16 Responses to “Twisted Color Challenge: Week 31: Velvet Jazz”

  1. Looking mighty fine Miss Sookie! Happy Sunday to all my Twisted Sisters. Have a great week.

    aloha everyone!! Sookie I’m loving the combo ty for it

  3. Hi Sookie and everyone, I haven’t yet done last weeks challenge and now I look at this it doesn’t match the swatch very well, sorry :-(. I will try to catch up with last weeks, as well as doing next weeks. Been a bit bogged down. Anyway here is my effort:

  4. I am even more insane than I thought, I haven’t missed a week out – I just went to do it now and I have no week’s missing. I am crazy!

  5. I bet you thought I wasn’t gonna make it this week! Well not happening, here’s mine and see you girls tomorrow!

  6. What a relief, only two more weeks to go and I’m caught up.

    Twisted colour challenge week31_002

  7. Whew, I keep falling behind, but I think this one turned out all right.

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