When you wish upon a star


       Everyone knows my mother story, well to a point. Who is she you ask? Well the only thing I will tell you right now is that you know her very well. Most people don’t know what happened after they lived happily ever after. Who is she you ask?  Well for one thing I came into existence and tonight is the night before my wedding. I am a ball of emotions both excited and scared. Separate from that I am sad. My mother, who passed away when I was about thirteen due to the plague, can’t be with me tonight.  So tonight I came to the top of my tower to speak to her and hopefully she will listen. O brought with me some petals from the flowers in bouquet to show her.


         My step grandmother told me of a ritual my mother used to do when she was a child on her fathers birthday. Where she would bring some petals and a wish to his grave. Always the same wish and always with the same response. My step grandmother only recently told me this since I only recently found out about her. My father had banished her many years before even I was around. Something about keeping my mom as a slave, I am not sure of the whole story and dad wont tell me. That’s all for another time and a different story to tell. Tonight I came up to my sanctuary to ask my mother a question and to show her my future.  So I closed my eyes as the wind picked up the petals and I whispered “How could you leave me Momma? I wish you could be here to see me happy.”


         All of a sudden the wind picked up and rushed around me turning the petals into an embrace around me. I lift my head up to the heavens and I open my eyes that are glistening with tears just in time to hear you whisper back to me, “Just as I wish I could be with you in the physical world, Persephone. Know I will always be with you. I see you in your happiness and your sorrow. The magic hasn’t left our family. I will see you everyday of your life and everyday in your after life.” In complete shock I stood in silence on the tower roof. It came to me when I have my first child I shall name her after my mother, Cinderella.


Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed the story! Incase you were wondering its part of a new Challenge called The Writers Block! it’s sarted by Katya and I hope I can be a participant in all of them!

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Hair: Truth – Qopi – Light Blonde 3 face w/roots

Skin: Glam Affair – Cleo – America – 12B

Eyes: Izzie’s Sad Eyes – Blue w/ tear tattoo layer

Closed Eyes:  SLink – Mesh Eyelids

Beauty Mark: Belleza – Beauty Mark 3

Eyelashes: Beetlbones – Lush- Black

Lipstick: Glam Affair – Cleo Lipstick – 20 America

Clevage: Glam Affair – America

Necklace: Donna Flora – Bodza Necklace

Hair Pin: Noodles – Reflection Hair pin (last round of arcade)

Dress: Rebel Hope – Julie Bridal Gown – Cream

Pose: Adorkable – Petals in the wind – 1 &3 respectively

About sookietriellis

I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

10 Responses to “When you wish upon a star”

  1. this was great Sookie :))

  2. Aww I love the story! I am such a sucker for fairytales! You look beautiful! I love those petals! Great idea to use them in this way as a magical embrace! <3333

    • Aww thanks kae! I’m a sucker for fairy tales as well! I’m really glad this has gotten the positive feedback it has! I was afraid no one would appreciate it.

  3. Oh, that was so sweet! Very pretty!

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