Twisted Color Challenge: Week 41: Bayside High

This Weeks Colors:

41-pixiedust-baysideBayside High


Next Weeks Colors:

42-mercerblue-peruvianpompomPeruvian Way

Last night the candy fair opened! So now everyone is going to get there toothaches before Halloween even gets here! This event has some pretty spectacular finds. My biggest grip of the fair is it’s not real easy to maneuver. usually I can just go in a big circle in events to find everyone but this time I had to keep checking the map to make sure i wasn’t leaving anyone behind.  I know what the event organizers were going for as far as the sim feel which is an ode to candyland and candy crush but I guess I just wish that the sime was set up a bit differently but that’s my opinion. Anywho! I am showing some of the stuff that grabbed my eye while wandering around! I am going to point out leri mile s designs though! Her stuff is super adorable and its pretty reasonably priced. I think I have a top I have purchased earlier but other than that I hadn’t really heard of her store. Her offerings for this event are spot on. Essences and tea.s have some super adorable accessories that I think will be used long after the event is over. They aren’t the kind of accessories that are easily ignored if you like items that can be used for many different looks. There are many more furniture stores other than booogers that have some super cute stuff but I wanted the candy shop look to go along with the pose from Hopscotch.

Also Truth FINALLY released some new hairs! So if you are like me and were having your truth withdrawals please stop by his store and buy them all *giggles* Ok I am off to rl have a great week!


Hair: Truth – Vida – Light Blonde HUD

Skin: Glam Affair – Lucy – America – Clean C w/additional lip #2 & additional nose #3

Beauty Mark: Belleza – 3

Eyes: IKON – Perspective – Apex

Eyelashes: Beetlebones – Lush – Black

Necklace – Tea.s – Lollipop Necklace – Gold – Wild Berry (the Candy Fair)

Dress: Leri miles Designs – Hali Dress- Carnival (the Candy Fair)

Bracelet – Essences – Traditional Candy Bracelet (the Candy Fair)

Shoes: Ingenue – Pickford Heels – Jadite

Pose: Hopscotch – Candy Fluff 1 & prop (the Candy Fair)


Boogers – Candy Counter (the Candy Fair)

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I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

10 Responses to “Twisted Color Challenge: Week 41: Bayside High”

  1. I absolutely LOVE the dress you picked Sookie! Nice job with the challenge!!!
    Here’s mine!

    • Thanks! I loove this dress too! Your outfit is so cute! The name came from the show saved by the bell lol

  2. Trying to catch up slowly, but i’m determined to complete the year without missing a week! so here’s my (late) one

  3. Cute Picture Sookie, you look like you enjoyed yourself. As for me, I’m not really into pink but I like how this photo came out, even if most of the pink in it came from the windlight setting and my tinting the walls.

    Twisted colour challenge week41

    Here ends the first half of my massive catch up session; I’m off to bed.

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