Twisted Color Challenge: Week 47: Dawn in Bayou

This Weeks Colors:

47-midnightbayou-savypink Dawn in Bayou



Next Weeks Colors:

48-heraldicgold-heirloomred Heraldic Call

  So As you guys saw in my last post the last few weeks have been nuts! I am going to attempt to get back to doing these on time for the last few weeks…So I will have every 2 days a new color to get us caught back up. You guys can do your thing in however long it takes…I am so sorry!! At least we aren’t as far behind as I thought we were so there is a silver lining I guess lol. Anywho me and my lilipad moved to a new family sim and I haven’t had much time to explore so I decided to do some pictures around my house. It’s the same sim as the last blog post too. I am loving the fall stuff out this season! It’s all so me….aka classic. LOL I feel like I am tooting my own horn now. Anyway I hope you all had a marvelous Turkey day! Christmas is coming up soon!! eeeee!!!! I looove Christmas!


Hair: Elikatira – Richelle – Essential pack

Skin: Glam Affair – Elvi – America – 01 G

Eyes: IKON – Perspective – Apex

Eyelashes: Beetlebones – Lush – Black

Beauty Mark: Belleza – Beauty Mark 3

Coat: Coldlogic – Davis – Cerise (w/optional skirt and shirt)

Boots: – River Boots – Mint

Pose: K & S – lonely guy – 1 (pose has been modified)

About sookietriellis

I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

8 Responses to “Twisted Color Challenge: Week 47: Dawn in Bayou”

  1. I love the color of that coat, it’s gorgeous! Here’s mine have a nice Sunday everyone!

    • Its OK! Heehee there will be a new post everyday till Sunday and then I’m all caught up….the posts are even all done too! Also I’m addicted to those boots good job! ❤

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