Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair

hair_001This post has taken me all day! This post exists because well I haven’t done a hair post in ages! In the last month or so so many hairs have been released that I feel like we may not realize when a store  does release them! so I wanted to highlight some of my favorites that have been released recently and some insider tips ot how you can make some hairs just a tiny bit more unique!

Short Hair Collage I figured we could start with the short hairs! Why not right!?! So lets talk about this super adorable Tableau Vivant hair shall we? I mean its precious and its mod as well using a resizer script so you can get it just the way you want it for fit! I actually kinda like how the bun ends up being an entirely different color using the monsoon hud its cute! The two truth hairs are actually one hair using a piece of the latest release as well. So the first one is just the basic Harriet hair and the one next to it is Harriet and wearing Maisy’s buns as well. I recommend buying maisy in the same color as harriet if you plan on doing this because you have to use maisy’s hud to change the colors of the buns. The Magika hair I am sure has you guys all confused cause Sabina hasn’t done a short hair in a bit. Well this is Shine but if you go into edit mode and select the hair and click edit linked parts you can make the braids disappear! (note: toddleedoos you can do this too! the curls are a bit squashed but its still cute!) and Last but not least exile’s Lazy Summer days! This hair is super cute cause its very similar to my rl hair style.

long hair collage 1 Woo onto long Hairs! So here is Maisy notice the buns in the first picture and the second picture has no buns! I love that truth is making it so things can be used with other styles it makes blogging waay more fun! Elikatira released three hairs but everyone has seen kendal a lot since it was the VIP gift!(unfortunately I think its poofed cause its been more than two weeks I believe) but have no fear you can buy it still! Gia is the first style up! Its such a simple braid it sorta reminds me of katniss in a way dunno way but it does! and Reva is the next style I really love how swoopy the bangs are it looks so effortless even though we know it isn’t. Here is Magika’s Shine Again! Its still super cute with braids!

Long Hair collage 2 Yay the last three hairs! I really don’t know what I was thinking doing so many but its cool! I really love the beachy feel to this Exile hair like I feel like I need to be on the OC now! Of course last but certainly not least Alice Project woop  woop! May be a bit biased with these but they are so pretty! I had a tiny bit to much fun with colors with them but if your not having fun with Alice Project hair your doing it wrong! They are jsut stunning and perfect for the change in seasons!



Hairs Used:

Main Picture: Tableau Vivant – Gloster Hair – Monsoon

Short Hairs:

Magika – Shine – 03 (made braids invisible)

Truth- Harriet – Light Brown

Truth  – Harriet w/Maisy Buns – Colors

Exile –  Lazy Summer Days – Naturals

Long Hairs:

Truth – Maisy – Reds

Truth – Maisy w/o buns – Blonde

Elikatira –  Reva – Essentials

Elikatira – Gia – Essentials

Magika – Shine – 03

Exile – Perfect Promise – Wild Fusion 2

Alice Project – Lelia – Infinity –  Ice Cream HUD

Alice Project – Danylle –  infinity – Pastels HUD

Skin: Glam Affair – Romy – America

Skin Add-ons:

Eye Make up: Light Line 5 and Color Line 6

Lip Gloss: 01

Eyebrows: America – 02 G

Eyes: IKON – Spectral Eyes – Ice

Eyelashes: Beetlebones – Lush – Black

Beauty Mark: Belleza – Beauty Mark 3

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Tokyo Party Night – Short

Shirt: Tres Blah – Blazer with Tank – Navy (Collabor88)

Pants: coldLogic – Jay – Light

Shoes: The Secret Store – Oxford Heels – Dark Cherry [for SLink feet] (collabor88)

Pose: Mien – nouveau belle – pose 5 mirror

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I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

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