Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

meshbod_001 As I am sure the world has heard by now that Maitreya has joined the world of mesh bodies. There are some really fantastic things about this body! Of course there are some things that I personally am not a fan of but that is just the nature of the beast really. So in case you are sitting here reading this going what the heck is Sookie even talking about let me explain what a mesh body is. So since sl has adopted the use of mesh there have been developments to improve the overall look of the sl avatar cause lets be honest here the avatar needs some serious help. Now the first mesh body in sl I am aware of is the Toddledoo (which is for kid avatars to make them look like kids and no munchkins who have oddly proportioned bodies). Since then there has been a pretty major push for mesh bodies for adults. There was one before the Slink  body which I shamefully can’t think of the name for it. Then there was Slink and then Belleza and now Maitreya and I am sure there are some scattered in between these that I don’t remember or know of. So when I saw Maitreya had a body I was like ok lets do this.


So I tried it and I was pleasantly surprised! The best part (well for me anyway) was that I don’t have to wait for glam affair appliers because it comes preloaded with glam affair appliers! (woot!!) Now osme skin designers are already getting the stuff and making appliers so its just a matter of time before all the skin people have made an applier for this…well so I think anyway.  One thing I did notice right away and honestly its my only beef with this body. I have a weird line on the base of the neck where my neck and body come together. Like the shadow from my head makes this odd line which I don’t know how to make go away other than different lighting and head positions. So really in the grand scheme its a tiny little annoyance I have with this body.


The other fantastic thing is you know all those slink hands and appliers and fingernail polishes you got for it well you aren’t out those lindens! The Maitreya body is also SLink compatible. if you were an xsmall  the hands fit the body perfectly! I don’t get any funky lines or anything with it. The top picture is the Maitreya hands that come with the body and the bottom picture is with my Slink hands. The maitreya hands are cute but I just feel like my SLink hands are cuter so its nice I won’t lose out on that investment!


It’s not only compatible with the Slink hands but also the Slink feet! So the flat feet are missing because I forgot about the maitreya flat feet picture soo I jsut did the heels feet but the flat feet are just as seamless as the other feet! Again the top is Maitreya feet the Bottom is Slink feet!


Also with the body you will get the basic Lingerie That I have pictured. Which is mesh not an applier and the hud has so many options to it! You do also get some Zaara lingerie that is appliers which is super but I’m a slacker and didn’t take a picture of them!


The body’s HUD is pretty simple there are two tabs. This is the skins & Options tab which is the second from the left. It has all of your options for feet height, nail length, nail color, and skin presets. Its really simple to use and pretty straightforward really.


Now I am pretty impressed with this body and the alpha menu. A lot of the alpha menus are hard to see what you are doing and are a bit hard to understand. The best part of this hud is the buttons between the front and back of the body diagram are shortcuts to make turning on alphas waay easier! If you click chest all of the chest alphas become hidden. Or you can click each and every line/triangle and make an alpha for what you are currently wearing with little hassle. Also your options for clothing appliers are underneath the alpha diagram.

Anyway that is the Maitreya mesh body! I hope it has helped you either to figure out what the heck is going on in the world or maybe just to give you a glimpse without treking down to maitreya and dealing with the mob down there. Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful week and a great new year!


Hair: Truth – Vixen – light blonde hud

Skin: Glam Affair – Amberly II – America – 09f (Kustom 9)

Eyes: IKON – Horizon eyes – Pale grey-blue

Lingerie – Maitreya mesh body lingerie – black with pink bows

Mesh Body: Maitreya – Laura body

Hands and feet: Slink casual hands & slink medium and high feet; Also used the Maitreya Laura mesh body hands and feet

Poses: Glitterati – Pinup –  7, 9 and 10

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I am a resident of a virtual world called second life. I love fashion and i love blogging it!

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