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52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 32: Jonquil

So Iif you go to Vintage Fair the store who does the dress offers a similar lace top to go with the dress. It has more of a short sleeve look to it and its super adorable. I wanted to show as many creators in this post as I could and I really loved the […]

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Luck Be a Lady

Ok so this is one of those looks I have had on the brain for ages now! Especially when I saw this dress in !e’s store at vintage fair! I lvoe everything about this outfit! I especially love these cute kitten heels that I found. When I saw them I bought them and I put […]

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Razzle Dazzle

Weee Vintage Fair started yesterday!! Are you guys tired of hearing about it yet? I hope not! I decided to do a little old Hollywood style for you guys! I am in love with this dress from rebel hope! Its freaking fantastic! Its super hot! I love dress styles like this though! I used minimal […]

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Today at 4pm SLT Vintage Fair will finally be open to the public! Which means you, yes YOU! Will get to see the beautiful sim and buy all the wonderful and pretty items that are available to you! Honestly I have yet to find something that I don’t love! So go and explore and buy […]

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You’re The One That I Want

Tomorrow Vintage Fair opens! I wasn’t originally going to do a post today as I have several posts over the next few days but I saw this jumper today on my last go around of the sim and I was all OMGAH!!! This blog was just sort of inspired around the jumper…Cause who doesn’t love […]

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52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 31: Wales

So in three very short days vintage fair will be open to the public! *insert your squeal here* I saw this dress for coldlogic and I thought the color was perfect for this weeks 52 weeks of color challenge! Now keep an eye out for my other vintage fair posts! Since I just got back […]

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I’m Here Without You

Hey everyone! I really hope everyone is out enjoying those black Friday deals! Lets not forget about our wonderful sl in the process. I know lots of people are doing sales. Although sorry only of the items are available in a sale. Sorry! Belleza is doing a sale on bundles for 50%. Ok I know […]

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52 Weeks of Color: Week 9: Silver

   So today here in the States it’s Thanksgiving. So I am going to start this post to give thanks to all the amazing people I have met and worked with in sl. I will always cherish the people I know in sl. You all are amazing! Onto the fashion! I mean what better day […]

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Take A Chance On Me

   So Hi!! This is a fun blog for me. I decided to continue ot show you guys some more from vintage fair but to show you more of a contemporary look. I am huge fan of the 40’s and 50’s styles but I also love love love the 60’s and 70’s. So i decided […]

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Vintage Fair!

This is just a reminder to go check out vintage fair! Just look at all the pretty stuff you can get! Just a side not the skin, hair and shoes are note at vintage fair. Vintage fair is going on till December 3rd so don’t miss it! I hope everyone has a great weekend! Credits: […]

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