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One is the loneliest number

 So last night I was feeling down on myself and watching sappy movies which is never a good combo just glad i didn’t break into the wine like i was thinking of doing….so I did a little bit of therapy and took this picture and its sorta pretty i think. I wanted a different hair […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 41: Bayside High

This Weeks Colors: Bayside High Next Weeks Colors: Peruvian Way Last night the candy fair opened! So now everyone is going to get there toothaches before Halloween even gets here! This event has some pretty spectacular finds. My biggest grip of the fair is it’s not real easy to maneuver. usually I can just go […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 17: Coastal Night’s

This Weeks Colors: Coastal Night’s Next Weeks Colors: Pine’s Dawn    Ok First thing’s first I am sooooo sorry you guy I didn’t post this actually on sunday! If you follow me on plurk you know I have had an awful weekend and well I was soo tired I didn’t log onto sl until 10pm […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 7: Truffle Valley

This Weeks Color: Truffle Valley Next Weeks Colors: Morning Rose  So looking at the picture next to the color swatches I didn’t follow my own colors 100% It’s hard even for me you guys! Anyway I am wearing brown shoes but it’s a really dark brown. My yellow isn’t a mustardy yellow. Oh well I […]

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52wocc cinnamon_002

52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 36: Hot Cinnamon

 This color was super easy. Especially once coldlogic decided to release the fall stuff! I had a different outfit planned out well coldlogic changed my plans though! Anyway if you haven’t yet checked out the new line from coldlogic your slacker butt needs to get on it! Also be sure to check out the summer […]

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Bad Reputation

So on the first our wonderful band of designers released their hunt items for the summer harvest hunt! I have the joy of showing you guys a couple of my favorites! Like this trompe loeil bench! Its so adorable! It makes me feel like I need to be sitting out in the desert. Clothing wise […]

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52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 35: Feldgrau

This weeks color is so hard! Even luna had a hard time with it! No I was briefly confused though cause luna did more of a brown but her color swab is more like the back ground color here soo I didn’t know what color to do! So I just went with the muddy blue […]

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52wocc russet_002

52 Weeks of Color Challenge 2: Week 34: Russet

It’s that time again! weee 52 weeks of color!…Anyway I was so worried about this color…brown what poopie color (no pun intended) Not just brown but a dark brown but no not a chocolate brown it’s a weird mish mash of red and brown. I was all elch about doing this week. I was doing […]

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52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 33: Tyrian Purple

So I thought this week would be so easy right…boy was I severely wrong. I think I had a hard time cause the last several posts I have been wearing purple so I had a hard time finding a dark purple I hadn’t worn in the last week. Well with FLF yesterday I saw this […]

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This is the story of a girl

I realized yesterday after I posted the last blog. I realized I cute off the the feet in the picture! So I figured I would show these super pretty shoes that ISON did for Collabor88. I seriously love the booties! They are perfect for the fall and the colors are so awesome. I went ahead […]

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