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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 31: Velvet Jazz

This Week’s Color: Velvet Jazz Next Week’s Color: Evening Preserves    So this Weeks Colors were pretty easy if you go down to the love Donna Flora event! there are lots of blues and pinks! I decided to go with a really simple outfit this week. I didn’t want to do any jewelry because I […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 26: Plums and Berries

This Week: Plums and Berries Next Week: Cabbage Patch Forest   Hey everyone! What a crazy week! Anyway This weeks colors were a lot of fun! I decided to mix it up on where I was doing pictures at this week since the summerfest is going on! There is jsut so much amazing stuff available! […]

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My Prerogative

So tonight the dreams of all the ladies of sl has finally had there prayers answered! SLink has officially made our lives easier on the skin tinting BUT (and lets face there is always a but right?) The feet and skin work like the lolas/tangos where they will require a skin designer to make an […]

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I Knew You Were Trouble

So first thing is first! The wonderful PXL is having a sale on their faith skin which if you are already a VIP member yay go get 25% off right now!If you aren’t a VIP member I suggest joining the group! Until the 27th they are giving VIP members 25% off the faith skin! This […]

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Good Time

So I sometimes randomly putting together outfits that technically clash. I fell it works in a way because while everything has a different pattern the pattern on the corset is not really obvious like they are on the shorts. The corset is a new release from plastik! It is really adorable! the watch which is […]

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How Will I Know?

So I know all week you guys have been bombarded with hair fair posts from bloggers and this and that. Well this post while it does have a hair from the hair fair I am not going to trample you all with hundreds of pictures going buy these hairs now! Instead throughout my normal posts […]

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hipster princess belle_002

The Hipster Princess Project: Belle

So several months ago on plurk i had seen a little picure of drawings of the disney princesses as hipsters. At the time I was all neat! I wanna make my own look! Then typical sook forgot about it. Till about two weeks ago when someone reposted it. So then of course i do the […]

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tat blog_005

I Feel Pretty

    So there is a stigma in the world that if you have a tattoo as a female you can’t pull off pretty. Well I am here to debunk this. Well I am going to at least try. In rl I have tattoos not like my av in sl mine are tiny and are fairly […]

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Facelights your days are numbered.

So I am sure at this point I am confusing my poor readers. I know your looking going wait! Your a fashion blogger why do you care about facelights? Well I will tell ya why. I once used a facelight in 2008 when I first joined sl for all of maybe 2 weeks. If you […]

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mesh blog_003

We are just Meshing around

   You may have heard but secondlife has released mesh out to the grid. Now just a disclaimer you can only access mesh on mesh viewers as of right now I only know of viewer 3 and I believe Kirstens viewer is mesh as well. Now for those of you who have been hiding somewhere […]

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