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Requiem of a Dream

So in case you have been hiding under the rock I have been hiding under you didn’t know of UBER this pretty awesome sales event. I don’t think there is long left in this round of UBER so I would suggest and pick some stuff up! There is some pretty magical stuff there! Like this […]

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workin for the weekend_002

Working for the Weekend

So this week has been insane on the events! Collab opened up and you must go cause its all beautiful! Then Skin Fair is going on now as well! This outfit is actually made up of a combination of skin fair, collabor88 and regular store releases! So first thing I want to talk about is […]

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Candle In The Wind

  Yesterday we lost another fabulous person to cancer. It breaks my heart to know we will never again see the talents of Squinternet the owner of Donna Flora. Not only it is heart breaking from a blogger of her beautiful designs but she was truly a sweet person. in some ways it feels cheap […]

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ga contest_006

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

This post is just a look back into the past for a bit! Why you ask? Well this blog was started on March 3, 2010! So I am a tiny bit late on this but my blog is three years old. Where has the time gone? The funny thing is that I remember doing all […]

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Happy 4th Rez Day to meeeeeee!

This past year for me was a year of changes. All wonderful and good and happy! Let’s see in rl I went back to school! (does a happy dance). Which has also gone very wonderfully so far I am proud to be an A student! Funny enough most of my changes this year have been […]

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Poison and Wine

   With two major events going on in world over the next couple weeks it is the weeks for the shopaholics to go broke. I am of course talk about Back to Black, ends 2/28, and Festival of Sin, ends 3/3.These events are completely different kinds of events. Back to Black is an awareness event […]

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3years of sl

3rd Year is the Charm

    So three years ago I came into the little world we all know and love as secondlife or sl for those of us who don’t want to type that much. I know I don’t use this to speak much of my rl and the blog has only been used as a fashion blog. Today […]

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Facelights your days are numbered.

So I am sure at this point I am confusing my poor readers. I know your looking going wait! Your a fashion blogger why do you care about facelights? Well I will tell ya why. I once used a facelight in 2008 when I first joined sl for all of maybe 2 weeks. If you […]

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mesh blog_003

We are just Meshing around

   You may have heard but secondlife has released mesh out to the grid. Now just a disclaimer you can only access mesh on mesh viewers as of right now I only know of viewer 3 and I believe Kirstens viewer is mesh as well. Now for those of you who have been hiding somewhere […]

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wedding blog_002

Always the bridesmaid never the bride…

   It seems I am at the age in rl where all my friends are off getting married and having babies. So I was on the phone with a good friend of mine who was freaking out over finding a wedding dress. It got me thinking on her personality and what i think she would […]

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