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Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home

       Oh Hi Guys!!! So my life has been insane the last few months! Good news I am back and excited to show you guys some wonderful new things! So the Liaison Collaborative has a new round called Route 66! So everything is inspired by that era of the US probably between the […]

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I Knew You Were Trouble

So first thing is first! The wonderful PXL is having a sale on their faith skin which if you are already a VIP member yay go get 25% off right now!If you aren’t a VIP member I suggest joining the group! Until the 27th they are giving VIP members 25% off the faith skin! This […]

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No Business Like Show Business

So I did a little experiment with windlight settings today. I though this was super cool looking! I apologize though cause it sorta does take away from the outfit a bit. So I am not sure how successful the experiment was but I thought I would share with you guys! I really loved the feeling […]

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willow sale_002

Marian The Librarian

  So a couple days ago the store Willow announced a new release would be 50L until Feb 18th. So I decided to check them out. These skirts are adorable! The top is super cute too! I love how its looks like a boho librarian a tiny bit. These items will mix and match into […]

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Euphoric Shopping Week

So first of all hi!!!!!…I have been sorely lacking in updating the blog im sorry i have been busy in rl buut im back! Ok and now to get into the goodies! So today I logged in and I got an update from Miamai saying there was an exclusive dress at Uphoria Fashion Week event. […]

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totally random


There are few gowns on the grid that will make you feel like a beautiful butterfly. Transforming from a normal girl to a sophisticated woman. Well this my friends is a gown that you will feel entirely changed. It has a lace bodice with crystals that run down into the skirt. You also get multiple […]

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Totally Random!

Christmas is right around the corner and Totally random Has your back. Christmas shopping is in full swing on the grid. Totally Random is making life easier for you because all there clothes are Transfer and mod! So that christmas list just got a lot easier. To top it off Patty this amazing dress I […]

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Stiletto Moody

40% off of Stiletto Moody!?!?!

Check out the sale here! Bare Boutique Outlet Warehouse Stiletto Moody is having a 40% off sale?!?!?!?!?! That’s right the brand we all know and love for producing and bringing forth change to sl shoes is doing a 40% off sale on EVERYTHING that is right EVERYTHING! I know Moodies are a staple in my […]

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