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52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 43: Ghost White

  So today I have been working on blog posts and I was gonna save this post for tomorrow but I am really proud of this picture. So I figured I would post it now cause well I can! There isn’t a whole lot to talk about in the picture. Glam Affair released there Roza […]

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We are just Meshing around

   You may have heard but secondlife has released mesh out to the grid. Now just a disclaimer you can only access mesh on mesh viewers as of right now I only know of viewer 3 and I believe Kirstens viewer is mesh as well. Now for those of you who have been hiding somewhere […]

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The Vintage Rocker style

Hey everyone so i was so bored yesterday in world i was messing around with my clothes….and mind you i have alot…anyway this is just kind of a random post but I want to start helping out those who are never quite sure how to style clothes to get a particular style. So  lets start […]

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