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the doctor_011

Hello, Sweetie!

Spoilers!! Heehee for all you whovians (can’t take credit for this title a good friend said it and I thought it was cute!) you know what I am talking about. For everyone else you are all probably looking at this screen really confused as to why I am giggling! Also you are probably wondering what […]

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52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 49: Cotton Candy

This week has been a week from hades I feel like. I am os sorry I haven’t blogged in a week you guys! Hopefully now that I am starting to feel better blog posts will be coming more frequently again! Especially since my semester is almost over! Woo! This week I get to show you […]

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SomebodyThat I Used to Know

   So the wear grey event is still in full swing! I definitely suggest to go and stop by! I decided to do a fun look. I haven’t had as much fun playing with colors that I did with this. I wanted to add some color to the all grey coloring. So I used Magika’s […]

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52 wocc folly_002

52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 7: Folly

  So its valentine’s day and lots of people are either sulking or is super happy on plurk. So today I issue a challenge to the skulkers find something you love. Whether it be your dog, your child, a song, a movie, and get happy! It’s the day of love and you can show those […]

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slink collage

To Switch to Mesh Feet or Not to….That is the Question…

  So SLink came out with some rigged mesh feet a bit ago. I have had a sort of internal dilemma on whether or not I should buy them. Since I have the regular Maitreya feet in the pointed toe and flat.  Well the other clincher was I could not seem to get the skin […]

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