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Skin Fair!!!

Today is the opening day for skin far! The thing I really love about fairs is that there will always be a store you have literally never heard of! Well for me that’s so true! This skin is from Inside Lab. The name on the skin is Lana and htis is the natural tone.The face […]

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Almost Lover

So this post concept is brought to you by my Plurk Timeline. It’s supposed to be Soho Chic. I don’t know if I did well on the concept cause I had a billion ideas that just somehow morphed into the look you see here. The concept was hard because Every time I have been to […]

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52 Weeks of Color: Week 7: Cerise & Vintage Fair Preview

   So this week is really double duty. So to go along with 52 weeks of color I am doing I am also gonna give you all a little preview into vintage fair that opens tomorrow at 4pm slt. So just as a note the only thing you can’t get at vintage fair is the […]

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