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Happy Happy Birthday!

So if your not on my plurk you probably didn’t know today is my birthday!! I leave behind the 25 and under age group woohoo!! The age of 26 is now upon on me! In the last year so much has changed! I can hardly believe it! I went back to school, I started a […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 29: Vamps Night

This Weeks Color: Vamps Night Next Weeks Color Sweet Light   So Yesterday Hair Fair Opened up! Honestly this is one of my favorite events every year! Maybe its cause I am a hair hoarder but mostly I love it because the proceeds go to a great cause! Wigs for kids makes sure to give […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 28: Poppies Sky

This Weeks Color: Poppies Sky Next Weeks Color: Vamps Night   So I might not have gotten the colors exact but I love love this dress from Baistice from fameshed! I love this look in general its so dressy but comfy looking. I know that’s crazy but thats how it looks to me lol. I […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 26: Plums and Berries

This Week: Plums and Berries Next Week: Cabbage Patch Forest   Hey everyone! What a crazy week! Anyway This weeks colors were a lot of fun! I decided to mix it up on where I was doing pictures at this week since the summerfest is going on! There is jsut so much amazing stuff available! […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 13: Wearing Denim at the Spa

This Weeks Color Combo: Wearing Denim at the Spa Next Weeks Color Combo: Sangria’s shadow I had a lot of fun with this weeks colors! Although until coldlogic did the new release the other day I had zero Ideas on what to wear. I love this dress with the chevron printing it’s so fun! It […]

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52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 31: Wales

So in three very short days vintage fair will be open to the public! *insert your squeal here* I saw this dress for coldlogic and I thought the color was perfect for this weeks 52 weeks of color challenge! Now keep an eye out for my other vintage fair posts! Since I just got back […]

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Happy Birthday…to me!!!

Today 25 years ago I was born! So I decided I would put together a birthday look as I have been calling it. Now I am currently in New York so I went on the hunt for a location that sorta reminded me of it. So I went to the Mayfair sim. I then decided […]

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hipster princess belle_002

The Hipster Princess Project: Belle

So several months ago on plurk i had seen a little picure of drawings of the disney princesses as hipsters. At the time I was all neat! I wanna make my own look! Then typical sook forgot about it. Till about two weeks ago when someone reposted it. So then of course i do the […]

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52wocc raspberry shiver_001

52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 24: Raspberry Glace

  So I briefly thought that this weeks color was going to be difficult! I am so happy when I am wrong! I am in love with coldLogic’s new release of dresses! They are elegant and classic. I feel so pretty wearing this dress that its ridiculous. Now I am trying my hand at the […]

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52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 9: Dandelion

  So this week is a yellow….ugh! No offense but I am not a yellow person. I did manage to make it work so I guess it all worked out well. Exile released some adorable hairs! I haven’t worn Exile in a while mainly because the hair never felt to look smooth. It bugged me […]

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