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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 38: Hawthorne’s Dusk

This Weeks Color: Hawthorne’s Dusk Next Weeks Color: French Quarter Hey you guys! See I told you all I wouldn’t forget! Yay for being caught Back up! You have no idea how bad I feel about last week!Anywho I am showing you guys some more awesomeness from the Seasons Story! Also the new hair from […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 28: Poppies Sky

This Weeks Color: Poppies Sky Next Weeks Color: Vamps Night   So I might not have gotten the colors exact but I love love this dress from Baistice from fameshed! I love this look in general its so dressy but comfy looking. I know that’s crazy but thats how it looks to me lol. I […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 23: Beet Vibe

This Weeks Color: Beet Vibe Next Weeks Color: Gleefully Fresh So Arcade messed up my whole blogging on sundays at midnight thing! I am so sorry you guys! I am so glad that fameshed opened! I love those random flukes of nature when the worlds collide and creators release items that have my colors in […]

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It had to be you…

  This is a spur of the moment post! I love doing posts after getting hit with a wave of creativity! I was just wandering through fameshed today and I saw this dress from zaara and I had it pictured in my head exactly what this post would look like! I came pretty close. I […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 15: Boysenberry Field

This Weeks Color: Boysenberry Field Next Weeks Colors: Peony’s Secret YAY! Fameshed is open!!! Everyone go shop now! lol I am so exhausted from the last month or so of work that that’s pretty much all I was thinking of typing for a bit there. Yep I have issues. Also I think I am a […]

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Someday I Suppose

So a couple weeks ago I saw this dress/shirt at faMESHed for the round this month and I had flashbacks of Clueless. I thought I will put a look together with that dress/shirt! So here it is my look sorta inspired by a flashback! You can just call me Cher! This is just one of […]

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52wocc grey_002

52 Weeks of Color Challenge 2: Week 44: Charcoal

  So I know I am so super late on this post! I’m sorry guys! It’s been an insane week both in sl and rl! So for the past week or so I have preparing for the moment when Alice and Liq of Alice Project informed you guys of my new employment as a CSR […]

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52 woccpink_003

52 Weeks of color 2: Week 40: Amaranth

So at first when I saw this weeks color I was all PINK!!!!!!!! Then I realized I had used 90% of what I own in pink on the blog already *head desk* Then a couple days ago the super talented Tyr Rozenblum (you may know her store Auxiliary, that she co own with the just […]

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Good Time

So I sometimes randomly putting together outfits that technically clash. I fell it works in a way because while everything has a different pattern the pattern on the corset is not really obvious like they are on the shorts. The corset is a new release from plastik! It is really adorable! the watch which is […]

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autumn fun_002

She’s So Mean

  So since classes started for me I was just able to get to fameshed or as I loving call le shed. If you haven’t yet gone you need to hurry your slow poke butt up! Everything I am wearing is from fameshed except the tattoo layers, skin and jacket. Everything else is from there. […]

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