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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 42: Peruvian Way

This Weeks Color: Peruvian Way Next Weeks Colors: Beach Club So I didn’t go with a bright enough pink D: but I wanted to show off some stuff from collab! It’s such a pretty round this month! Like I had to get all the things! I couldn’t help it Anywho I love this look I […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 39: French Quarter

This Weeks Color: French Quarter Next Weeks Color: Coffee House Hallo!! look it I am on time again woo!! lol Anyway I hope you guys are having a fantastic week! Just a little reminder not to forget about checking out the boutique! sooo much pretty stuff is out this week!! Also Glam Affair reopened!! Ince […]

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Happy Happy Birthday!

So if your not on my plurk you probably didn’t know today is my birthday!! I leave behind the 25 and under age group woohoo!! The age of 26 is now upon on me! In the last year so much has changed! I can hardly believe it! I went back to school, I started a […]

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I Can’t Live If Living is Without You

   So the super awesome skittles posted a new meme about things we can’t live with out. I figured well I do do a fashion blog so why not do this meme.  So let’s talk about my must haves as far as what I am usually wearing. HAIR: So for me I have have to be wearing either […]

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I Wish

Today is the last day for Bees through the season! You should definitely stop by and pick up all the awesomeness available! This super cute and summery dress is from Baiastice and this one of the many wonderful items you can get! Also Exile released some new hairs, new hair colors and have entered the […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 18: Pine’s Dawn

This Weeks Colors: Pine’s Dawn Next Weeks Colors: Morning Glory  I found this weeks combo to be difficult just because they are two greens I just couldn’t find anything that went ot gether that I really enjoyed. I did finally get to bees through the seasons! Just so you all know in case you haven’t […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 16: Peony’s Secret

This Weeks Color: Peony’s Secret Next Weeks Color: Coastal Night’s   I had so much fun with this color set! It’s full of wonder and delight to me! I love matching bright reds and brights blues to see the kind of look you can create with it! I feel like this outfit is fit for […]

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Procrastinator for life!

So our wonderful fellow blogger Strawberry Singh has indeed put out there another mem. It sounds like it will be a fairly regular thing so I am probably gonna be doing these jsut because they are fun! I am still gonna do pictures with them cause it feels wrong not to put some kind of […]

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Izzie’s at Skin Fair

So many awesome things in sl this month! We have skin fair, the Boutique and ne L’accessories!! This outfit is probably one of my favorites that I have done recently! It makes me think spring isn’t to far away!! I decided to do something a little bit different with the pictures this post! Not sure […]

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Beautiful Day

I am so very proud of this post you see in front of you! Why you ask? Well thisi s the first post in a really really long time that I have done more than 2 pictures for! So buckle up this is going to be a long post! As always the credits are at […]

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