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My thoughts will echo your name until I see you again.

Wee another blog! So I decided to do another blog this weekend. I have been mulling over some things and I think in may I am going to bring back the twisted color challenge! I haven’t figured out the specifics but probably in may keep an eye out! Also Collabor88 is almost over this month […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 48: Heraldic Call

This Weeks Colors: Heraldic Call Next Weeks Colors: Relaxed Greenlands   So I need to quit saying I am gonna post stuff in a couple days then forget that I had finals this week…grr! anyway I am done with finals so I SHOULD be getting caught up on all the colors! I am so sorry […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 45: Magician’s Life

This Weeks Colors: Magician’s Life Next Weeks Colors: Rosewood Mist Ok so I am gonna apoplogize in advance I called the wrong color swatch the wrong name! I know I am so sorry! Anywho fameshed is open with wonderful new things! I of course have to show off the adorable tiara the Aida made! It’s […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 41: Bayside High

This Weeks Colors: Bayside High Next Weeks Colors: Peruvian Way Last night the candy fair opened! So now everyone is going to get there toothaches before Halloween even gets here! This event has some pretty spectacular finds. My biggest grip of the fair is it’s not real easy to maneuver. usually I can just go […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 34: Preppy Violet

This Weeks Colors: Preppy Violet Next Weeks Colors: Wild West     So this week I am still happily stuck in the 20’s! You should see me I have been wearing nothing but the stuff from collab! It’s really funny I am waiting for my sl kid to go stop it mom! heehee anywho I […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 33: Wine Cellar

This Weeks Colors: Wine Cellar Next Weeks Color: Preppy Violet      If you know me you know this round of Collabor88 has me in fashion and furniture heaven! I love the 20’s so much! I have had so much fun the last couple days being dolled up in the era’s clothes! I can’t get […]

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Twisted Color Challemge: Week 27: Cabbage Patch Forest

This Weeks Color: Cabbage Patch Forest Next Weeks Color: Poppies Sky As of this week we are officially over half way through the challenge!! YAY!!! I am so proud of all of you guys who have made this challenge continue! I love seeing all of your creativity spill up and over the brims of what […]

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Pretty Woman

     This week has been full of crazy drama in sl. Personally I think it’s over some super silly stuff. It allowed me to shake my head a bit and also sorta gave me inspiration for this look. This is what I am calling my teacher look! I know I am odd but seriously […]

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It had to be you…

  This is a spur of the moment post! I love doing posts after getting hit with a wave of creativity! I was just wandering through fameshed today and I saw this dress from zaara and I had it pictured in my head exactly what this post would look like! I came pretty close. I […]

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52 wocc_004

52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 47: Barley Corn

So this color is a weird color! it’s not green it’s not khaki. I honestly had no idea what to wear for this blog I was racking my brain all week. Then I remembered I had yet to go to collabor88 and I went and I saw this cute dress from ISON and I knew. […]

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