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zp carnival_002


Tomorrow the Zombie Popcorn Carnival will begin! It will last until the 30th of June. I must say this year has tons and tons of amazing products! This is one event you wont want to miss if for no other reason than to pick up the exclusive items that wont be available anywhere else! Five […]

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Keep Calm and Keep Shopping

  So yesterday a really fun event began. Called Keep Calm and Keep Shopping. It will go on till the 28th of this month. There are some well known designers and some new ones in this event. Which for me personally is something I always love. The top and skirt is made by a designer […]

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A Walk to Remember

So as many of you know or have figured out I live in the south. Around this time of the year we have an influx of Wisteria vines that are blossoming. So imagine my surprise when I am just walking around Culture Shock and I see this headpiece from Lagyo. It inspired me to do […]

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Wear Gray For A Day Fair

  So today is the opening of the Wear Gray for a Day Fair. The proceeds of which go towards American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA). For me personally this is something extremely close to my heart. My grandmother passed away from complications of a brain tumor my senior year of high school. So I very […]

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52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 12: Saint Patrick’s Blue

  So this weeks color is Saint Patrick’s blue. This color has a fun name and I always always love blue! Luckily when I was figuring out what to wear for this post coldLogic had a new release come out. So I went and picked up this beautiful summer dress! This dress is so fun […]

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52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 9: Dandelion

  So this week is a yellow….ugh! No offense but I am not a yellow person. I did manage to make it work so I guess it all worked out well. Exile released some adorable hairs! I haven’t worn Exile in a while mainly because the hair never felt to look smooth. It bugged me […]

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rma knit dress_0021

Maybe This Time…

  We have had lots of wonderful new releases this week. Wasabi Pills released this super cute hair. Rock Me Amadeus released their knit sweater dress.  I really love this hair from wasabi pills its one of those styles that I can find lots of different options for. The knit dress is perfect for the […]

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52 weeksof color sienna_002

52 Weeks of Color: Week 10: Sienna

This week when i saw the color I had a small panic attack. I don’t normally buy brown clothes. It’s more of an accent for me. I was super happy to see I had this adorable top from Surf Couture that came out last year. I did squeal a little bit. I will admit. I […]

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Take A Chance On Me

   So Hi!! This is a fun blog for me. I decided to continue ot show you guys some more from vintage fair but to show you more of a contemporary look. I am huge fan of the 40’s and 50’s styles but I also love love love the 60’s and 70’s. So i decided […]

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culture shock_001

Culture Shock!

Chic Management has done it again! They have made me spend all my lindens again! The great thing though is that it will all go to doctors without borders! Culture Shock is running from May 1st till May 22nd! So you have lots of time to get all this amazing stuff! Everything in this picture […]

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