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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 9: Lyndhurst Plum

This Weeks Color: Lyndhurst Plum Next Weeks Color: Wooley Cinnamon I am such a huge slacker this week!! I am so sorry you guys! I have been doing really well in having this posted early in the day sunday. Oh well life happens right? Well anyway for those of you who follow me on plurk […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 3: Artsy Fields

So I hope by this point in our adventure you guys aren’t haitng on me! I can hear it now people going that sookie is freaking crazy with the two colors! Well maybe but it’s been a ton of fun! I am finding things I had forgotten all about up until now! Week Three: Artsy […]

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52wocc russet_002

52 Weeks of Color Challenge 2: Week 34: Russet

It’s that time again! weee 52 weeks of color!…Anyway I was so worried about this color…brown what poopie color (no pun intended) Not just brown but a dark brown but no not a chocolate brown it’s a weird mish mash of red and brown. I was all elch about doing this week. I was doing […]

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All We’d Ever Need

So this post really came about because I was working on my 52 WOCC post but none of the pictures turned out so I was frustrated and I just got dressed thought it was cute and I figured I would share with you guys! I don’t really have much to say other than I hope […]

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52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 33: Tyrian Purple

So I thought this week would be so easy right…boy was I severely wrong. I think I had a hard time cause the last several posts I have been wearing purple so I had a hard time finding a dark purple I hadn’t worn in the last week. Well with FLF yesterday I saw this […]

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zombiepopcorn brand_002

Music is Sound

On July 7th this round of Zombiepopcorn Brand will no longer be available! Which means this beautiful tea length dress will be gone from your reach! I love this dress from pesca. It’s a perfect blend of relaxed and summery! It will look amazing on anyone. All you have to do is come by and […]

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Pretty in Pink

  So as I mentioned yesterday today’s theme idea came from the super talented Gogo, you know the author of juicy bomb? Anyway I always find her style to be impeccable! So I was all gung ho to do this blog. A it’s all pink and b its all pink! Me personally pink is one […]

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52wocc lemonchampagne

52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 21: Lemon Chiffon

This week’s color was hard!! Then again if you know me you know my feelings on the color yellow. Remember the last 52 WOCC and I just wore underwear? I briefly thought about doing that again but I figured with fatpacks I was certain I could make it work. I think I did! It helps […]

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A Walk to Remember

So as many of you know or have figured out I live in the south. Around this time of the year we have an influx of Wisteria vines that are blossoming. So imagine my surprise when I am just walking around Culture Shock and I see this headpiece from Lagyo. It inspired me to do […]

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52 wocc_0031

52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 10: Avocado

   Ok I am behind a week on the 52 weeks of color. I unintentionally took a week off last week. Sorry!!  I am very excited again though. I got my old Laptop working so I can do semi-pretty pictures again! ya know I am worst critic. I used Luna Jubilee’s Spring Windlight setting this […]

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