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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 39: French Quarter

This Weeks Color: French Quarter Next Weeks Color: Coffee House Hallo!! look it I am on time again woo!! lol Anyway I hope you guys are having a fantastic week! Just a little reminder not to forget about checking out the boutique! sooo much pretty stuff is out this week!! Also Glam Affair reopened!! Ince […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 34: Preppy Violet

This Weeks Colors: Preppy Violet Next Weeks Colors: Wild West     So this week I am still happily stuck in the 20’s! You should see me I have been wearing nothing but the stuff from collab! It’s really funny I am waiting for my sl kid to go stop it mom! heehee anywho I […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 16: Peony’s Secret

This Weeks Color: Peony’s Secret Next Weeks Color: Coastal Night’s   I had so much fun with this color set! It’s full of wonder and delight to me! I love matching bright reds and brights blues to see the kind of look you can create with it! I feel like this outfit is fit for […]

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Beginning of Something New

So coldlogic is doing a photo contest! This is my entry and I am probably not going to win but I like trying anyway cause you never know right? If you are in the group you can get this super awesome dress which also comes in a black and white version as well! the whole […]

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She’s So Mean

  So since classes started for me I was just able to get to fameshed or as I loving call le shed. If you haven’t yet gone you need to hurry your slow poke butt up! Everything I am wearing is from fameshed except the tattoo layers, skin and jacket. Everything else is from there. […]

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