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52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 48: Tangelo

Initally I thought oh this color will be easy peasy…boy was I ever wrong! It’s not red but it’s not orange…that was hard to find in sl! So I went with a more orangey color than red. I am in love with coldlogic’s new releases they are so cute and sophisticated!The with love hunt starts […]

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Pretty in Pink

  So as I mentioned yesterday today’s theme idea came from the super talented Gogo, you know the author of juicy bomb? Anyway I always find her style to be impeccable! So I was all gung ho to do this blog. A it’s all pink and b its all pink! Me personally pink is one […]

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hipster princess belle_002

The Hipster Princess Project: Belle

So several months ago on plurk i had seen a little picure of drawings of the disney princesses as hipsters. At the time I was all neat! I wanna make my own look! Then typical sook forgot about it. Till about two weeks ago when someone reposted it. So then of course i do the […]

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52 weeks of color coral_002

52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 2: Coral

  So it’s that time of the week for my 52 weeks of color entry! This week is coral. I found this color easily but then again im sort of a shopaholic so i tend to have a wide range of colors in my inventory. I know on plurk everyone’s been stressing about finding stuff. […]

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52 weeks of color silver2_001

52 Weeks of Color: Week 9: Silver

   So today here in the States it’s Thanksgiving. So I am going to start this post to give thanks to all the amazing people I have met and worked with in sl. I will always cherish the people I know in sl. You all are amazing! Onto the fashion! I mean what better day […]

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mesh blog_003

We are just Meshing around

   You may have heard but secondlife has released mesh out to the grid. Now just a disclaimer you can only access mesh on mesh viewers as of right now I only know of viewer 3 and I believe Kirstens viewer is mesh as well. Now for those of you who have been hiding somewhere […]

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Summer Lovin’

Its Summertime and of course that means only one thing. Fabulous dresses and amazing new releases! A friend on plurk released some new maxi dresses that are darling. This one is actually a freebie!! Its really adorable! You could easily wear this dress throughout the autumn as well since it has the feather design on […]

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Hair Time!

So for anyone who doesn’t know me. I am a bit of a hair hoarder. So I figured I would share some of the new releases that have come out recently! The first two pictures are from Maitreya. Lara and Lara II. These two hairs are super cute I love the different bangs options. I […]

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Epoque Please!

As we all know waay to well I have a shopping problem and well here we go again. I was just minding my own business while doing the seasons hunt when boom I am at epoque. It has been a while since I have bought anything at epoque and it has always been at something […]

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