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Barbara Ann

So incase you guys weren’t aware we are heading in the last few days of Collabor88! Last chance to get all the super adorable businessy things for a steal! lol Also yesterday was Truth Hair Day! There were two releases! This one which I love its a bit edgy but still super fun! and the […]

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workin for the weekend_002

Working for the Weekend

So this week has been insane on the events! Collab opened up and you must go cause its all beautiful! Then Skin Fair is going on now as well! This outfit is actually made up of a combination of skin fair, collabor88 and regular store releases! So first thing I want to talk about is […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 45: Magician’s Life

This Weeks Colors: Magician’s Life Next Weeks Colors: Rosewood Mist Ok so I am gonna apoplogize in advance I called the wrong color swatch the wrong name! I know I am so sorry! Anywho fameshed is open with wonderful new things! I of course have to show off the adorable tiara the Aida made! It’s […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 42: Peruvian Way

This Weeks Color: Peruvian Way Next Weeks Colors: Beach Club So I didn’t go with a bright enough pink D: but I wanted to show off some stuff from collab! It’s such a pretty round this month! Like I had to get all the things! I couldn’t help it Anywho I love this look I […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 37: Orchid House

This Weeks Color: Orchid House Next Weeks Color: Hawthorne’s Dusk Hi guys!! Soo I am soo sorry this about a week late! I thought I did this weeks blog already…I’m bad! In a way its awesome I didn’t cause I get to show you guys this fabulous dress from SYSY that is coming out tomorrow […]

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Candle In The Wind

  Yesterday we lost another fabulous person to cancer. It breaks my heart to know we will never again see the talents of Squinternet the owner of Donna Flora. Not only it is heart breaking from a blogger of her beautiful designs but she was truly a sweet person. in some ways it feels cheap […]

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Happy Happy Birthday!

So if your not on my plurk you probably didn’t know today is my birthday!! I leave behind the 25 and under age group woohoo!! The age of 26 is now upon on me! In the last year so much has changed! I can hardly believe it! I went back to school, I started a […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 29: Vamps Night

This Weeks Color: Vamps Night Next Weeks Color Sweet Light   So Yesterday Hair Fair Opened up! Honestly this is one of my favorite events every year! Maybe its cause I am a hair hoarder but mostly I love it because the proceeds go to a great cause! Wigs for kids makes sure to give […]

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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

 Hey you guys! So I decided to do Berry’s mem on teaching you all how to do something. Well I couldn’t think of anything so I figured I’d show you guys something that most of you probably know but maybe not people new to the grid. Thats who to go about making your shape fit […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 20: Simply Cider

This Weeks Color: Simply Cider Next Weeks Color: Bathroom Tile So this week I managed to not use my colors in other blog posts yay! annnd I have even managed to get next week look finished  what is going on! Collab helped soo much this week! Even the I am using yellow not really the orangey peachy color….but I couldn’t […]

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