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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 13: Wearing Denim at the Spa

This Weeks Color Combo: Wearing Denim at the Spa Next Weeks Color Combo: Sangria’s shadow I had a lot of fun with this weeks colors! Although until coldlogic did the new release the other day I had zero Ideas on what to wear. I love this dress with the chevron printing it’s so fun! It […]

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Happy Days Are Here Again

So today in just a few hours the Stuff my Inventory Hunt will begin! It begins at the sleeping Koala Mainstore and it goes around some really awesome jewelry stores! I love these kinds of hunts! My inventory however does not. Anyway I wanted to show you a few of my favorite items that are […]

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Better Day

Today Is the beginning of Mesh Around which is Ego Co’s first event! I am lucky enough to be a contributor on their blog and I must say its definitely odd posting on a different blog. I pust this look together for the blog and I figured I would share it with you wonderful readers! […]

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52wocc lemonchampagne

52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 21: Lemon Chiffon

This week’s color was hard!! Then again if you know me you know my feelings on the color yellow. Remember the last 52 WOCC and I just wore underwear? I briefly thought about doing that again but I figured with fatpacks I was certain I could make it work. I think I did! It helps […]

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Keep Calm and Keep Shopping

  So yesterday a really fun event began. Called Keep Calm and Keep Shopping. It will go on till the 28th of this month. There are some well known designers and some new ones in this event. Which for me personally is something I always love. The top and skirt is made by a designer […]

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Culture Shock Opens TODAY!!!

So today at 4pm slt Culture shock will be open to the public. Which means all the teasing I have been doing with the items will be worth it! Cause you will be able to buy it for yourself! So my favorite thing about fairs like culture shock is the likelihood of finding new and […]

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A Walk to Remember

So as many of you know or have figured out I live in the south. Around this time of the year we have an influx of Wisteria vines that are blossoming. So imagine my surprise when I am just walking around Culture Shock and I see this headpiece from Lagyo. It inspired me to do […]

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Culture Shock Preview!

  So in 2 wonderful days Culture Shock will officially be open to the public! If you have plurk you have seen the awesomeness that has been produced. Designers have been putting out items where some or all of the proceeds will go to doctors without boarders. You can always go to the chic management […]

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Zombie Popcorn Brand Week of April 28 – May 12

So I Have the joy of having been picked to blog for Zombie Popcorn Brand! Its very exciting for me! What is Zombie Popcorn Brand you ask? Well basically its similar to stumblebum where creators create and exclusive items that is sold for two weeks. The difference is it is all located in one amazing […]

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