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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 14: Sangria’s Shadow

This Weeks Color: Sangria’s Shadow Next Weeks Color: Boysenberry Field This weeks color I seemed to have lots and lots of red items but not many of the kahki brown color. Honestly that was really hard for me to find! Also my picture makes me a bit sad! I had this cool idea of finding […]

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Spring Fling

It is so nice to do a non blog challenge post!…I know you guys are probably goign oh my god the world is ending! lol Well it helps that I had time to do one today! I really want ot get back into doing non blog challenge posts again. I love my blog challenge posts […]

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Almost Lover

So this post concept is brought to you by my Plurk Timeline. It’s supposed to be Soho Chic. I don’t know if I did well on the concept cause I had a billion ideas that just somehow morphed into the look you see here. The concept was hard because Every time I have been to […]

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52wocc pink

52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 20: Deep Pink

  So this weeks color is deep pink. First thing I thought was yay pink!!! I love pink not as much as blue but pink is pretty fun. The best part is that stumblebum’s colors this week fits perfectly for 52 weeks of color challenge! I decided to use for the most part things that […]

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whippet&buck ingenue_002

Take Me Home Tonight

  So this post actually started off as my 52 weeks of color blog but I decided the blue wasn’t light enough for it to pass as alice blue so I decided to still blog the cuteness! So everything but the pose and the skin can be found at this months collabor88. That was not […]

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52 weeks of color indigo_002

52 Weeks of Color: Week 11: Indigo

  So I am a day late in this post but Idid it so yay! This week I was on indigo. I though originally oh it will be soo easy! Well it wasn’t. I love the look I put together but I think its more purple than indigo. Oh well its cute though! So a […]

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Stop! Collabor88 and listen!

       So today I am showing you some amazing items that are available at the Collabor88 event. This event is bringing you the talented people of LISP, Truth, [elikatira], .Illusory, Ingenue, The Sea hole, and many more amazing designers around the grid. This event is similar to The dressing room where designers put […]

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