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52 Weeks of Color 2: Week 49: Cotton Candy

This week has been a week from hades I feel like. I am os sorry I haven’t blogged in a week you guys! Hopefully now that I am starting to feel better blog posts will be coming more frequently again! Especially since my semester is almost over! Woo! This week I get to show you […]

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Hair Time!

So for anyone who doesn’t know me. I am a bit of a hair hoarder. So I figured I would share some of the new releases that have come out recently! The first two pictures are from Maitreya. Lara and Lara II. These two hairs are super cute I love the different bangs options. I […]

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So Many Hairstyles so little time

It’s A Hair Eat Hair World

Hair it can in my opinion make or break any outfit. It has been said that your hair is your crowning glory and obviously it has to be seeing as how there is a musical about it. Actually there are several musicals where hair is a big deal. That is beside the point. So hair […]

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the rocker

The Vintage Rocker style

Hey everyone so i was so bored yesterday in world i was messing around with my clothes….and mind you i have alot…anyway this is just kind of a random post but I want to start helping out those who are never quite sure how to style clothes to get a particular style. So¬† lets start […]

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